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Glow Beauty Dish Reviewed Gear & Apps

A Look At The Glow Beauty Dish | Is It The Light Modifier For You? [Review]

By Easton Reynolds on January 23rd 2016

Glow Beauty Dish We live in a day and age where there is certainly no shortage of light modifiers. Whatever the situation is you are shooting in, there is a modifier you can use to create the exact look you want. Many of us are familiar with the beauty dish modifier in general. They are typically used when the photographer wants to create a wrap-around look that is slightly more contrasty than a softbox. The Glow 28″ White Beauty Dish is no exception.

12-design-3-stars Glow Beauty Dish

The Glow 28″ White Beauty Dish is made of aluminum and weighs in at 5lbs. The outside has a matte black finish, and the inside is white. It is 28″ in diameter and 9″ deep.

Like most beauty dishes, you need to purchase the speed ring that allows the dish to mount to your light source. I used the one that mounts to an Alien Bees 800.

What’s in the box

The Glow Beauty Dish comes with the sock diffuser and whatever speed ring you ordered with it and that’s it. It would be nice if it came with a case because it’s a bit cumbersome to carry without one. Additional accessories can be purchased for it, like the 30-degree grid that is pictured below.
Glow Beauty Dish


  • Soft beauty light for fashion & portrait photography
  • More dramatic contrast & tactile feel than soft boxes & umbrellas
  • No center hot spot
  • Includes diffuser ‘sock’ for broader light spread
  • Accepts honeycomb grids for extra beam control
  • Interchangeable speed ring adapters
  • Can be used with a strobe or Speedlight (Must purchase the desired mount)



Beauty Dish w/Grid


For all of these shots below, I only used the Glow Beauty Dish; one light, no reflectors or anything else so you can see exactly what it produces. I thought the quality of light was great for the price.


Beauty Dish Without Grid


Beauty Dish Without Grid


Beauty Dish w/Grid


Beauty Dish w/Grid

DSC_0212 DSC_020916-quality-2-stars

Durability is my biggest concern with this beauty dish. The sock that comes with it is really cheap feeling. I didn’t even bother using it for fear of tearing it. The grid doesn’t feel that well made and I slightly dented it before I even got to use it. The dish itself also didn’t feel very sturdy. I had to bend it a bit to get the grid on it. I think this dish would be great for a studio shooter that doesn’t need to travel much with their equipment.


The Glow Beauty Dish produces great quality light for its price point. You can purchase the 28″ Glow Beauty Dish for $120 which is pretty affordable. However, if you need a grid and a case, the costs start adding up. They make three grids for this dish, and they come in 20, 30, or 40-degree increments. They are priced starting at $100 for the 40-degree grid. Overall, the price point is attractive. If durability isn’t a concern, this is a great starter beauty dish. You can purchase the Glow Beauty Dish Here.

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Easton Reynolds is an international wedding and portrait photographer as well as educator. Together with his wife, Laura Reynolds, they own LuRey Photography. They developed the concept “The Art of the Second Shot.” They were named Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US 2015.
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  1. Lee G

    I started using a beauty dish last year from my beauty shots and so far I enjoy it. I would like a larger dish though.

    | |
  2. Matt Owen

    I have the 22″ version of this and can agree with all your points, except I have used the sock several times without an issue. Since I never travel with it, it’s been exactly what I needed.

    | |
  3. Guy Ivie

    $120, with no accessories included, for something you say “didnt’ feel very sturdy” strikes me as kind of pricey. I paid about that for an off-brand beauty dish. Not only did it come with a Bowens speedring, grid, and sock, but it’s also quite sturdy. It didn’t come with a case, but that hasn’t been a problem for me.

    | |
  4. Kevin Liu

    Also, finding a case for a christmas wreath will be much cheaper than looking for a case to fit meant to fit a beauty dish.

    | |
  5. Kevin Liu

    I have this dish and I have to say it is lightyears better than the Fotodiox dish. I had terrible hot spots/rings with the Fotodiox, it was heavier than all get out, and the way the speedring fit on the Fotodiox left less than confident. My glow dish, though not built with amazing quality in mind, does the job well with no shiny hot ring. It is also surprisingly lighter in weight, which means I can transport this with less grief.

    | |
  6. Justin Haugen

    shooting with a 28″ beauty dish and grid totally changed my style in 2015. It’s definitely a look worth investigating. This model looks very similar to the Fotodiox model I got last year, but without all the grid options.

    | |