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Easton Reynolds is an international wedding and portrait photographer as well as educator. Together with his wife, Laura Reynolds, they own LuRey Photography. They developed the concept "The Art of the Second Shot." They were named Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US 2015.
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Many photographers have completely written off using Facebook Ads for their business. Back in the day, Facebook was an amazing resource for...
If you're not happy with the way your advertising dollars are or aren't working, Facebook Pixel could be a boon to your business.
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I had a chance to sit down with several of the WPPI 2016 speakers and asked them to share with us their top 3 business tips for photographers....
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  Every once in a while the photo industry is graced with a product that completely changes the game. MagMod was that product with its use of...
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We try out the new glow beauty dish. Is this affordable light modifier for you?
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Working with direct sun can be tough at first but it's well worth it. How many times have you walked into a getting ready location only to find...
At 8 years old, photographer Jaleel King was shot and paralyzed. I spoke to him at PhotoPlus Expo and learned about how he overcomes adversity and...
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Most people have heard about Fotodiox because of their wide variety of lens adapters. I actually spotted their adapters over at the Sony booth at...
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I had a chance to check out the Lastolite Direct to Flashgun Bracket for Strobo Light Modification System this morning at Photo Plus Expo here in...
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The 'Second Shot' is the idea of taking an image that tells a part of the story from a unique perspective. In this article, I'll cover how I am...
Tips & Tricks
Laura and I are always looking for ways to set our photography company apart from everyone else. Recently, we have been working with 3 newer...
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One of the biggest tasks that eats up my time as a business owner is worrying about my website. PageCloud is looking to make life and website...