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Chad DiBlasio

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Chad is a central Ohio based wedding/portrait photographer and educator. When he isn't busy with his 4 kiddos, watching Gray's Anatomy (with his wife...) or making things, he spends his time pinning home improvement wishes and learning about essential oils - he's actually a hippie in hiding. He thoroughly enjoys laughing, riding motorcycles and a nicely edged yard. He's been shooting for a shade over a decade and loves to talk tech and business.





Tips & Tricks
Professional photographers must be able to adapt, and adapting to small spaces is vital. Here's how to take corporate head shots in small...
'I create photos to remind people of the love they have in their lives.' - This is the sentence and thought that was born from tragedy.
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Gear & Apps
If you could find a camera bag that was made BY a photographer in Nordstroms or Burberry, this would fit right in (along with a little "hipster"...
Would you believe that with some products, around 90 PERCENT of snap judgments made about that product are based SOLEY on color?
Gear & Apps
With a brand that is SO intent on how everything looks and feels, I wasn't really satisfied with any camera straps until form/functionality met...
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How many of you have either made the 'I want to make professional and captivating images, but I can't afford nice gear,' statement in your head, or...
Gear Reviews
I had been using another bag for several years; a dual purpose bag for both shooting and travel, but it was just a bit too bulky and getting worn...
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Is your brand giving off a clear and consistent message to your potential clients? If not, here are a few tips to build a solid brand.
I got the opportunity to sit down with Jade Beall at the beginning of this week following the third banning of her personal Facebook page for 30 days.
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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a “wet behind the ears” beginner, making money with your camera can be a daunting task.