Disclaimer: The partners at SLR Lounge also own UNDFIND, but the writer, Chad DiBlasio, was not asked or assigned to write this article, was not given any guidance for it, and was not compensated for it.

Let’s be honest, I love mail. I have been excited to get packages and letters since as long as I can remember. Letters from kids I had met at church camp that summer (hopefully from a pretty girl!!), or a trinket from one of those ads in the back of comics; I LOVED seeing my name on mail and opening whatever had come was near Christmas-time excitement. When the box showed up that had the dark black letters UNDFIND stamped across it, I couldn’t WAIT to tear it open because I knew what was inside; my brand new 13” One Bag!

had been using another bag for several years; a dual purpose bag for both shooting and travel, but it was just a bit too bulky and getting worn out. The One Bag started impressing me right out of the box, but the love didn’t stop there. Here are the top 3 things I LOVED while using this bag, shooting with it, and traveling with it.

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1. The Style of the one bag

I had originally wanted the One Bag to use on my harness system as a lens bag. One of the HUGE advantages of using this bag over the others that I had tried was simply the material it is made from. The stretchy, neoprene-like material forms to your side and waist very comfortably and allows you to move without feeling bulky or clunky. It also makes it very easy to insert and remove lenses when using the lens insert as the material forms to the shape and size of each piece rather easily. It’s like magic! The sharp black also blends in well with most of everything I wear and it has a professional design that makes it easy to use even in more “dressy” situations. The look and material make this an easy sell for the pro that wants to look classy and have a functional unit.
UNDFIND One Bag Review Images - DiBlasio Photo-2019 UNDFIND One Bag Review Images - DiBlasio Photo-2024 UNDFIND One Bag Review Images - DiBlasio Photo-2022

2. The Functionality

The functionality of this bag constantly impressed me. The attachment rings for the strap are set back toward the part of the bag that touches the body and that makes the bag sit very nicely up against you rather than hanging at an angle like other bags that have the rings toward the middle. This feature also made it very easy to access my lenses when I had to unzip the bag since there were no straps or rings in the way at the end of the zipper.
The luggage strap on the back and the completely removable outer flap closure were very thoughtful little additions that get used ALL the time when shooting and traveling with this bag! The size is perfect for my laptop and plane essentials when traveling with plenty of small pockets for accessories as well as being an excellent size for 3-5 lenses when using it as a lens bag while shooting.
UNDFIND One Bag Review Images - DiBlasio Photo-2035

3. The Cost of The One Bag

The last feature I wanted to highlight was the cost of the One Bag. While I never look for “cheap” accessories with photography accessories that I plan to keep around or wear out at events, I was surprised at how affordable this bag was, ESPECIALLY considering the style, functionality and straight up SOLID build of this bag! For $150, I have a bag I use for multiple purposes and can be the ONLY bag I have to take with me on travel to take on the plane AND carry my gear during a shoot! I love the gray cover that I got with this bag, but also the inexpensive cover options that make it look like a totally new bag just adds to its value.

UNDFIND One Bag Review Images - DiBlasio Photo-2031

If you’re looking for a new bag for the New Year, the UNDFIND line has some serious contenders for nearly all aspects of photography and travel. The 13” One Bag is no slouch! I would recommend this bag for anyone looking for a medium-sized lens/shooting bag and just as much for those of you looking for a killer travel bag. I have used it on every trip we have gone on the last part of the year and often will take it when I have things to transport back and forth to the office or when working on location to haul gear and accessories. They also have a 10″ bag if you want something just a bit smaller.

You can get the bag here.