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They changed the game with music licensing and they're looking to do the same with footage licensing for filmmakers. Get ready for Artgrid.
News & Insight
Drones have provided photographers and videographers with a new perspective unlike anything before and the quality of visual artistry is reaching...
News & Insight
When absolute adjectives such as “perfect” or “ultimate” are used, you’ll either turn heads or roll eyes. Our minds are programmed to...
Tips & Tricks
It takes about 10-12 frames per second for our brains to blend the individual frames into continuous motion, in an optical illusion called the Phi...
Color is usually one of the things that we take for granted in the modern world. Growing up, I remember hearing stories from my grandparents when...
Gear & Apps
It is no secret that Canon has its target set firmly on the advanced cinematography market. They’ve developed premium priced, yet immensely...
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