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Using Barn Doors to Control Harsh Light For Portraits | How I Shot It

Harsh light is back in popularity, and barn doors are a great way to control it for portraits and headshots.

Quality Color Grading & Color Correction In Photoshop Tutorial

Color grading is probably the thing you avoid learning but you need to work on most.

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Whether it's New York, Milan, Tokyo, or Los Angeles, models need a portfolio and it's an opportunity for you.

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Zoë Noble breaks down her variation on D&B with curves that should be of help to many.

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Validation. We all seek it. For some it is that first gallery showing, an artist spotlight or a feature. For me, that...

Anatomy of a Photoshoot | Dispelling Myths That Are Holding You Back

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How to Test Shoot With Model Agency Represented Models

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Sh*t Model Management | Anonymous Models’ Instagram Account Hilariously Exposes The Fashion Industry

Disclaimer: This post has a modicum of swearing There’s a recurring motif within the photography world...