New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

Anita Sadowska


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I'm a Photographer and a YouTube Educator. I love photographing all things beauty, fashion and swimwear. I love working with Natural light, especially direct sunlight. I've become known for excessively oiling up my models- all about that glow, baby :)


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Stuck in a funk? Anita touches on tips to pull you out of it!
Tips & Tricks
Struggling to pose and direct your models? Anita's got 7 helpful tips to get you through every shoot.
Tips & Tricks
Here are six tips to help you organize and direct a successful fashion photo campaign without the client being present.
Gear & Apps
Recently, thanks to the lovely guys at Pondok Lensa, a local equipment rental in Bali, I got a chance to test out the new Sony A9 and I decided it...
Tips & Tricks
When I started my photography career back in 2013, the studio absolutely terrified me. It just never came naturally to me. I didn’t “just...
Tips & Tricks
Have you ever wondered what would it be like to compare one of the top strobes on the market to a simple cheap ring light? I did and decided to...
Tips & Tricks
You just booked a big commercial job or paid shoot. Maybe your first one. You’re excited, but also really nervous. You wake up in cold sweats....
Tips & Tricks
Why you should invest in yourself by building your portfolio, and how to do it.
It's summer, so what better time could there be to learn how to quickly make beautiful swimwear images?