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Wedding Workshop | Photographing the Groom: Introduction to Photographing Groom Prep

Introduction to Groom Prep Some grooms may not be okay if you step in the shower with them, wait, you know what I...

canon-1dx-markii New

Canon Announces New Global Shutter With Higher Dynamic Range

Perhaps the most exciting plans Canon has released in years.

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Peak Design Everyday Backpack, Tote, or Sling Giveaway!

Enter for your chance to win Peak Design's Everyday Backpack, Tote, or Sling Bag!

dual-pixel-raw-canon-5d-mark-iv New

If Canon Dual Pixel Raw Is So Good, Why Isn’t It On The Flagship 1DX II? Here’s Why

We had high hopes for Dual Pixel Raw, but it looks to be more gimmick than game changer.

Instagram-zoom-feature-IG New

Instagram Adds Pinch-To-Zoom Functionality For iOS, Finally

Today, Instagram has rolled out the ability to take a closer look and photos and videos, one of the most requested...

apple-iphone7-rumors New

Apple Teases Possible Dual Camera Upgrade for IPhone 7

Double the trouble - looks like the IPhone 7 is getting a much needed upgrade.


Drone Image Prep & Processing | A Guideline For Getting The Drone Shots You Really Want

How to prep, think about, and execute the drone images you want to make.


How To Over Power the Sun using ND Filters With Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes puts together a short, succinct tutorial on how to handle bright light to get shallow depth of field even...


PortraitPro Body Does Automated Body Transformation | Cringeworthy Or Praiseworthy?

Will this software revolutionize your portrait editing capabilities & efficiency?


Sony Announces New Budget-Friendly 50mm Macro Lens | FE 50mm F2.8 Macro

The specs, and our initial thoughts on the new lightweight, budget-friendly macro lens for A7-series cameras.


Lightroom Crash Course: The Organizational Power Of Keywording & Filtering In Lightroom

The Organizational Power of Keywording and Filtering in Lightroom In an industry where time management and efficiency...


Cameras Are Art | Display Them As Such With This Clever Wall Mount

An elegant solution to displaying your cameras.


In Defence of the 4K on the 5D Mark IV

Canon's 5D Mark IV is getting a lot of hate for its video capabilities. But here's why, perhaps, it shouldn't

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Instagram Toolbox: Website Platforms

With every artist comes the need for a gallery to put their hard work on display. Instagram is a great tool to use...


The Pirelli Calendar Returns To Form With Peter Lindbergh | New Site, Old School

Pirelli reunites with Peter Lindbergh for the 2017 Calendar, and thus far it looks like a return to roots