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Nikon Confirms Its New Mirrorless Camera Should Arrive by Spring 2019

By Kishore Sawh on April 30th 2018

Nikon gobbled column inches last July after confirming that they were, indeed, developing a mew mirrorless camera, and given a further interview where the company revealed intentions to compete in the mid-high range of cameras, it fueled everyone’s imaginations and speculations and hopes that Nikon was, in fact, going to go big in the mirrorless arena.

Theses statements were notable for a few reasons, not least of which being that Nikon seemed to previously disregard mirrorless, and that a confirmation from Nikon corporate is a big deal. Well, today we have another confirmation from a Nikon manager who has said during a television interview with Japanese TV-channel, NHK, that not only is Nikon developing a high-end mirrorless camera, but that it should hit the market by spring 2019.

That’s big news for a company that certainly needs it. While the sales of the D850 have been great, this is affirmation enough that Nikon itself realizes, finally, that it’s simply not enough in order to compete in the markets today; that mirrorless is absolutely required.

The difficulty here is, that it will almost certainly require a new mount that can see old Nikon lenses adapted to it, and that the company will need to develop it’s own line of glass for it. Furthermore, if it’s getting into full frame mirrorless Sony has set the entry-level full frame mirrorless camera extremely high with the A7iii in terms of price and capability. It’s difficult to think that Nikon could offer more or the same for the same price. Not to mention, that Spring 2019 is still about a year away, and that’s enough time for competitors to ramp up, including Sony and Canon.

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Still, we eagerly await to see what Nikon produces, and how much of their heritage they can bring into the world of mirrorless.

Source: NikonEye.

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  1. Chris Biele

    And right when I was about to switch to an a7R III… the D850 is looking that much better if I can stay with Nikon and move to a mirrorless system in the near future?? Decisions decisions…

    | |
  2. Kyle Stauffer

    A lot changed with the A9 – but for most of us, everything changed with the A7III.  I’m hopeful for Nikon and holding out until the end of 2018.

    | |
  3. Kristopher Galuska

    Nikon should make a mirrorless APS-C “Z” mount camera with a speedbooster style F mount adapter. That way you can choose to have the size advantage of Crop lenses or full frame quality and light gathering. Since it would all be native nikon it shouldn’t have any of the connectivity issues of a normal speedbooster.  Recently an m mount canon video camer pattent leaked a long with an EF adapter with a speedbooster. Is there any reason this couldnt work for photos?

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Speed boosting can do terrible things to your plane of focus when at infinity, (basically, field curvature and/or a slight tilt-shift effect) …but other than that, I don’t think it’s impossible.

      I do think that they already have enough FX users that they’ll be making an FX MILC at their first announcement of the new mount. I also think, conversely, that they have enough DX lenses in the market that they won’t necessarily need to make a speedbooster right off the bat. If they do make one, it might not come until later.

      | |
  4. Matthew Saville

    There’s no way that Nikon’s financial projection execs signed off on the slippage of this little tidbit of info.

    Honestly I only see two possible situations: Either this guy’s head is gonna roll for dooming the company to a solid four quarters of declining DSLR body / lens sales, …or it’s all part of a plan, and they’re actually going to release / start taking pre-orders around Photokina this year.

    No corporation in their right mind commits to an entire year of carrot-on-a-stick-ing the ONE thing that everybody wants.

    In other news, sell your stock in Nikon right NOW, and then buy again in Jan / Feb 2019!!! You’ll make a killing, or at least not lose a ton.

    | |
    • Kishore Sawh

      I agree entirely. In fact, I may think it’s both. I can’t imagine Nikon won’t use Photokina this year to to make a statement about their mirrorless plans, AND it seems hard to imagine this is the way Nikon would choose to let this news roll out when they’ve made press releases in the past for everything under the sun, and much of it more insignificant than this. Someone had mentioned too, that the translation may have been off, and that he may not have actually said next spring but ‘early 2019’, and possibly meaning early fiscal 2019 – which would put it right in tune with a Photokina announcement. Time will tell

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      That’s an interesting point, and probably the actual situation. Until now, most of the rumors I heard lead me to assume that Photokina would be the announcement, and Christmas 2018 would be the latest possible ETA.

      I’ve been assuming that Nikon FX mirrorless would be forthcoming in the next 365 days for the last 2+ years. Sony is finally getting /everything/ right with their 7-series FF system, and that means that Canon and Nikon are at the point where they REALLY need to “get it right the first time”. If it had still been the era of the original Sony 7-series, there would have been oodles of leeway, but now with the A7R3 and A7-3, the expectations are across-the-board high.

      The good news is, I have 99.9% confidence that Nikon can indeed get it right the first time.

      | |
    • Chris Biele

      “No corporation in their right mind commits to an entire year of carrot-on-a-stick-ing the ONE thing that everybody wants.” – unless that company is Apple and that ONE thing is new pro-grade hardware!

      | |