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6 Safe & Easy Newborn Photography Tips

By Lindsey Chu on November 7th 2015

Newborn photography can always be a little bit intimidating regardless if you’re trying it for the first time or it’s one of your specialties. Simply just handling newborns can prove itself to be more than enough to worry about during a newborn session, let alone thinking about setting up and shooting your images. So, we’ve put together six newborn photography tips as a way to help you make this process as smooth as possible.

Important Note: Our actual, complete guide to newborn photography is much more comprehensive and detailed. These are simply high-level overviews of some of our favorite tips. To understand our newborn photography framework, be sure to take a look at our Newborn Photography Workshop!

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1. Prepare Your Shoot

  • Keep area warm
  • Set up a Space heater
  • Test the temperature so baby doesn’t get too hot
  • Feed & burp baby to keep them comfortable & sleepy


2. Choose Fun Props

  • Consider colorful hats, headbands, wraps, swaddles
  • Show how small baby is with baskets & bowls
  • Consider props based on parents’ hobbies/interests



3. Comfort Your Newborn

  • Use white noise to help soothe the baby
  • Swaddle or wrap the baby
  • Rock the baby gently
  • Use a soft, soothing voice
  • Keep your hands warm as cold hands are startling


4. Put Safety First

  • Consider the props you’re using
  • Avoid hard or sharp objects
  • Never place baby on high or unsteady area without a spotter
  • Consider composite images for any risky scenes


5. Learn Basic Newborn Poses

  • The Back Pose


  • The Side Pose


  • The Tummy Pose


  • Focus on the Details


6. Use Natural Light

  • Use window light as your main light source
  • Use a reflector to fill in shadows



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  1. Colin Woods

    And next in the series – How to shoot a 3 year old boy. To pinch an idea from the late and great Douglas Adams, if you’ve done six impossible things before breakfast, step up to the challenge and try to get a three year old to pose for you. I tried it today, so may shutter actions wasted.

    | |
  2. Andy & Amii Kauth

    Despite our fairly large family, we certainly are no expert in this realm and appreciated your write up … cool vid too. Best shot we ever got of our own children was one of them on a vintage pillow on top of a vintage dresser with a vintage lamp next to it … :)

    | |