I was passed this link to a great video on 5 point lighting today and I wanted to share that with you all today. The video itself is a promotional video for a studio video lighting kit, but the principles that they talk about are great for both photos and videos.

I think that what I like about the video the most is that since they are doing a demo with hot lights you can actually see the changes in how the shadows and highlights look in the given positions of each light. I don’t know about you, but it really helps me understand the changes in light being able to see them move like that. I think it is too easy for newer photographers to just setup their lights, take a test shot and say “that’s good”. Take the time to move lights around, and be creative with your lighting. In the end it will help you grow more as a photographer, even if your creative lighting looks bad it helps you better understand light and that is the key to photography.

Checkout the video below.