{Boudoir Photography} REVIEW: Jen Rozenbaum's Posing Boudoir Volume 1

Boudoir can be one of those niches of photography that can be a challenge for new photographers to wrap their heads...

Newborn RAW Prep

Many people carry a common misconception that textured means grunge, and quite frankly that is simply not the case....

How To Replicate The Color Palette From Any Photo Or Famous Painting In Seconds In Photoshop

Take some old pictures you love, and mix it with other art you love. Learn how to quickly take the color casts from...

6 Must-Have Lenses for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a unique combination of every type of photography. In order to deliver a complete wedding...

Quirky Meerkats Use Wildlife Photographer as a Handy Lookout Post

When UK based photographer Will Burrard-Lucas headed to Africa to shoot wildlife, he didn't expect to be used as an...

GoPro Hero 4 to feature 4K at 30fps according to latest rumor...

GoPro seems poised to take an amazing leap ahead for action cams if these latest rumors are to be believed. According to a report over on EOSHD some information has leaked about...

Behind the Scenes with Adobe and Benjamin Von Wong's Creative Voices Shoot

Go behind the scenes with Benjamin Von Wong for his shoot with Adobe.

A Soothing Firefly Time Lapse To Usher In Spring & Summer

Let Missouri-base photographer Vincent Brady bring in your spring and summer with his soothing time lapse of fireflies

Some Initial Thoughts on the Canon 400mm F/5.6L

I have wanted to get my hands on the 400mm F/5.6 to review for a while now. It has a good reputation as a great lens for wildlife and day shooting where you may need a 400mm - a...
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YouTube Highlights: Back By Popular Demand - Weekly Lightroom Edit

It's back! We're reviving the popular Weekly Lightroom Edit series and so for the YouTube highlights this week, I'll show you our newest Lightroom Edits and the most popular...

Can You Spot The Difference? $1300 Canon 400mm F/5.6L vs $11,500 Canon 400mm F/2.8L

If there was one way of thinking that I could eradicate from the photography world it would be the assumption that "lens a" is way better than "lens b" due to the price. Lenses...
USA American soccer fan face paint from USA photo by Monte Isom

The Making of High Energy Portraits of World Cup Soccer Fans | Monte Isom

Go behind the scenes with Monte Isom as he makes high energy portraits of World Cup soccer fans.

9 Ways to Make Photoshop's Adjustment Layers Easier to Use

There are far more photographers – from the amateur to the professional – who have embraced the need to become adept at Photoshop than those who haven't. Once you have the...

Macro Photography Of Butterfly Wings Are Mesmerizingly Beautiful

Leave it to a biochemist to take what's in plain sight, and re-cast it in a way we've never seen before. This collection of butterfly wings are truly beautiful

Samyang Teases New Announcement on April 28th, Possible Canon AF Lens Rumored...

Samyang is teasing us yet again! A few days ago on their facebook page the korean company announced that on April 28th they were inviting us to join them in the next level of...
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'One Dog Policy' - The Loneliness of Only {Pet} Children | Images by Maija Astikainen

Photographer Maija Astikainen is interested in anthropomorphism, or personifying the characteristics of a human onto an animal and photographing homes with only one dog.

Mitakon 50mm F/0.95 Price Released & Pre-Order Date Days Away

Mitakon finally releases the price for their super fast 50mm f/0.95 FE mount, and pre-order date is days away.