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Photography News
If you’re a wedding cinematographer or a wedding photographer who regularly provides slideshows, now's a great time to check out Musicbed's...
Tips & Tricks
Digital filmmaking is on the incline. The quality of video consumer devices are capable of recording has risen to a point where amateurs can...
Tips & Tricks
There are no rules of composition in art. But are there in filmmaking?
Tips & Tricks
A professional camera slider can run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, but the following DIY project will only...
Tips & Tricks
Filmmaker Ryan Thomas Andersen shares with us his journey from stills photography to video, giving tips and tricks along the way.
Tips & Tricks
In the following video, Simon Cade of DSLR Guide, talks about getting started as a filmmaker and four different routes you can take to support...
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