New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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This video is one to watch. Period. It's the type of information so rarely delivered as well, and is sure to be incendiary. Watch it, learn it.
Tips & Tricks
Sometimes making sense of the math and numbers in photography can be difficult, but this web app hopes to allow you to 'see' how various elements...
Tips & Tricks
I’m going to take a few moments to demystify what is known as “depth of field” in the photography world.
Tips & Tricks
Here Aaron Nace shows you how to bring a shallow depth of feel to your image in Photoshop using the gradient tilt-shift blur tool, that renders a...
Tips & Tricks
This is a great little app that will help you to understand and visualize depth of field across different focal lengths, formats, and apertures.
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