Many photographers choose to use natural light only. Yes, there is no comparison to the beautiful texture of natural light, but more often than not, people chose to be solely “Natural Light Photographers” out of fear.

Studio lighting can be quite intimidating for any photographer. There are so many aspects to consider and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment to master. Not only that, studio lighting comes with a barrage of vocabulary terms to understand; enough to make you long for the days of junior year English class and Shakespearean sonnets to parse for extra credit.



In comes fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler to save the day and define a few of the essential studio lighting terms for us in the short video clip below. Lindsay explains and defines the following 4 lighting terms: Broad Light, Short Light, Flat Light, and Dimensional Light so that you are armed with the proper lingo ready for any workshop or photo convention conversation.

Lindsay just completed a session on Creative Live called, ‘Studio Lighting 101‘ where she guides a beginner from natural light to indoor lighting with ease. She shows that studio lighting doesn’t have to break the bank. Using one or two light setups, Lindsay shows numerous ways to create light and covers shutter speed, exposure, white balance and more. It’s perfect for those beginner portrait photographers looking to learn studio lighting.


I was very fearful of studio lighting when I first started out in photography as well. Even now, I’m most comfortable with only one or two simple lights and modifiers; there is so much to learn and there can be so many components involved. Lindsay does a great job keeping things simple and easy to understand.

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[Via CreativeLive YouTube]