Wildlife photography is a genre that I haven’t ventured much into, unless you count taking photos with my iPhone at the zoo and wild animal park. And before you discount that, I was *this close* to a lion who stared at me before spraying me and stomping off. Thankfully, there was a solid pane of glass between us.

Another photographer that didn’t have much experience photographing wild animals  is photographer Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens. He wanted to test out the Tamron 150-600mm so he called up his dad who used to be a National Geographic wildlife photographer. Jay P.’s dad gave him some tips which he shares with us in the video below.



The 11 tips in a nutshell are as follows. You’ll have to watch the video or head over to The Slanted Lens to get details on each of these.

  1. Head to the National and State parks
  2. Use a tripod
  3. Telephoto lenses are a necessity
  4. Shoot early in the morning
  5. Take your time
  6. Extreme lighting can make great lighting conditions
  7. Capture social interactions between the animals
  8. Use the lost wallet technique
  9. Set your camera to continuous mode
  10. Shoot at a high shutter speed
  11. Have a backpack accessible with all your necessities in it

If you’re interested in dabbling in some wildlife photography or in the Tamron 150-600mm, Jay P. is even giving away one of the lenses to help you get started!

Watch 11 Tips to Photograph Wild Animals Without Getting Killed

For those experienced wildlife photographers out there, do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment below!