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23 Jul 2024
Camera Reviews and News

Nikon D7100 Field Review: Breaking The Mold, Again

Nikon seems to be the champion of “trickle-down features”. What does that mean? Over the ~4 generations of Nikon DSLRs that have come out in the past decade or so, Nikon has had the habit of taking flagship features from their high-end pro cameras, and putting those features in the more affordable model cameras. When the Nikon D300 came out along side the flagship D3, it was a $1800 camera with roughly the same autofocus system as a $5,000 camera.

Pentax MX1 Review

Pentax MX-1 Review via Barcelona Street Photography

I’ve recently reviewed the Fuji X-Pro 1 followed by Sigma’s DP2 Merrill. Both cameras have innovative APSc sensors and incredible image quality. To return to a compact camera sized Bayer sensor was always going to mean a noticeable drop in image quality. But testing the far more affordable Pentax MX-1, I’ve had a lot of fun. Let’s find out why.