As a homeschool mom, I have had some interesting projects cross my kitchen table (and I’m not talking about my cooking). From slimy green stuff called “goop” to owl vomit, and soon a dead frog for dissection, I’ve learned to appreciate the intricacies of nature and seeing first hand how things work – up close and personal…which is why I found the following video fascinating.


The 12 minute video made by Canon takes you inside of Canon EF lens technology, how the lenses were created and takes you through various lenses, optics, and coatings. The video also shows you the technology behind the Image Stabilizer and into the inner workings of the lenses. The video also interviews the developers behind the lenses we all covet so much.



EF lenses were born in 1987 and in April 2014, Canon produced its 100 millionth EF lens, breaking a world record for production of lenses for interchangeable lens cameras.

Watch the EF Lens Technology Canon Product Video

Canon Lens Wars

If you missed our Canon Lens Wars series, we tested 25 Canon lenses valued at over $40,000 dollars starting from 17mm to 300mm focal length. We wanted to see the perceivable visual differences between Professional L series lenses versus Professional and standard primes at the same focal lengths and aperture settings. See how your favorite lenses stack up against each other!

Watch the intro to this series below and for the rest of the focal lengths click here.

SLR Lounge Canon Lens War Introduction

[Via The Digital Picture]