Busy professionals don’t always have time to make it back to a desktop. When tasks need to be completed, sometimes they need to be done on-to-go and immediately. Here are some of the best photography apps for professionals. What have we left out?

Basic Photo Apps

Many of the best apps on the market are just for Android phones. While these basic apps don’t offer all the bells and whistles that consumers find with premium apps, they do help with other efforts. Here are some of the best basic apps for busy professionals to consider.

Snapseed-for-iPad6Snapseed – Free
Download Here

A gorgeous app for real photographers, this one offers incredible granular adjustments and slight modifications that are too subtle for the average user. This incredible photography tool could be used for the finest adjustments for the most discerning eye.

Fun and colorful, this app allows straightening, cropping, saturation adjustments and more. Snapseed feels like a premium app. You’ll be surprised how many tasks you can do from your Android phone with Snapseed.


Photoshop Express – Free
Download Here

People who use Photoshop premium for desktops will be shocked at how many of their tools are found in this pint-sized version. Easy to use and exciting, the Photoshop Express app acts intuitively for the user. It allows flipping, rotating, cropping and much much more. However, this tool does not integrate with social networks in a way that one would hope. This tool runs much faster if you have adobe air, which saves time.

camera360Camera360 – Free
Download Here

This tool was designed with business professionals in mind. It’s meant to keep you on task and meeting deadlines. Camera360 allows you to set timers for your tasks as you apply Flash effects to photographs. Photo size, mirroring capability, and quality adjustments are all made easy with this app. Professionals enjoy the no-nonsense style of its layout. However, other OS owners will have to lament their choice of phone, because this one is just for Android smartphones.


Instagram – Free
Download Here

Everyone knows Instagram by now. In fact, most marketing pros are expected to use Instagram as part of their marketing efforts, whether or not the tool works for their tasks.Many people find themselves using the premium photography tools to adjust photos before uploading them to Instagram. But, that’s not to say that Instagram doesn’t serve a purpose: this powerhouse app links into social networks better than most other photo apps.


Pixlr Express- Free
Download Here

A breathtaking format that makes photographers’ hearts swoon, Pixlr Express is not for the busy professional (unless he or she needs to complete finite tasks). This one should be saved for poster-sized prints and delicate photo manipulations. Pixlr Express offers a stunning 600 photo effects for picture tinkerers who like to experiment. When you’re on the go and busy, the auto fix tool might do the trick, but just try not to get sucked into the broad range of other tools!


Photo Grid – Free
Download Here

Sometimes professionals need to squeeze more than one image into a press release or giveaway campaign. Photo Grid allows users to create an attractive grid of all of the images that are related so that viewers can quickly distill all of the photos. By using one of the free templates businessmen or women can easily create a grid in seconds. However, picky users can also free-form their own styles.

cameraplusCamera Plus – Free
Download Here

This is an all-in-one photo app. From tasks as simple as taking a photo and saving it to your camera roll to taking a series of shots (in a burst mode) to changing the brightness and saturation of the best one, and then uploading the altered image to social media sites, Camera Plus Pro does it all. Once an image is captured, Camera Plus Pro’s provides a menu with edits like artificial flash, crop, rotate. Additional adjustments to to brightness, saturation, tint, sharpness, and contrast also are provided. The app also includes some custom filters.

Premium Photo Apps

Premium apps might cost a little money, but they afford the user extend abilities. For professionals and busy businessmen and women, sometimes a small investment in the right premium app goes a long way toward successful campaigns. Here are the best premium apps to consider. While they might cost a few dollars upfront, some of these apps are better than their expensive desktop counterparts.


Pics Play – Free
Download Here

With 200 filters and endless options for people who are creative, Pics Play is very straightforward. The coolest tool is perhaps the instant comparison, which allows people to see the original next to the edited version.This premium app is intuitive and sleek. It allows users to take photos on the go and upload them to the tool effortlessly. From flipping to cropping, all tools are a breeze to use.


Awesome Miniature– $3.99
Download Here

Tilt-shift freaks rejoice: Awesome Miniature is here to create incredible miniature-like landscapes. Professionals will love this tool, which adds style and flair to boring landscape photography. Users can enjoy a wide array of tools, which allow them to manipulate pictures in fine detail. The unique filters allow business professionals to quickly ramp-up the class in their photographs, without wasting any time.


Paper Camera- $1.99
Download Here

For those who like a comic edge to their shots, Paper Camera adds the needed funky style. It can easily turn any photograph into a cartoonized sketch. Paper Camera is a great tool for personal photographs too. You might enjoy using it on pictures of your co-workers, children, or pets, because it adds a fun effect to everything.


Color Splash – $.99
Download Here

You don’t need to be Anne Geddes to create a touch of color in photographs anymore. This unique app helps professionals hone-in on the important aspect of a photo by adding color to it, and nothing else. Color Splash is reasonably priced, which makes it affordable for small business pros as well as large corporations. Find out what just one touch of color can do for your photograph.

Busy professionals need to have the right tools to get their jobs done while they’re traveling or just moving from office to office. No one wants to be stuck to a desktop (or even a laptop) in this day and age. With the right photography apps busy professionals can easily accomplish their efforts. In addition, to enhance your experience, apps like these will run better with a time-saving platform such as Adobe Air.  These ten basic and premium apps offer all of the tools necessary to get the job done right.