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17 Oct 2021

Best Gifts
For Photographers 2020

Welcome to the Holiday Gift Guide, detailing the best gifts for photographers in 2020.  The following list includes some of the hottest cameras, lenses, accessories, and software of the year, such as the latest mirrorless cameras and drone technology.  It also includes evergreen products that we’ll continue to recommend year over year, such as the time-tested 5 in 1 reflector and the Leatherman Utility Tool. 

In this guide we mix of practical gift ideas with quirky gift ideas to keep things fun and interesting. We also separate each of the gift ideas by price range, so you can easily browse for your favorite photographer by budget.
We hope you enjoy!

adorama flash point

Adorama – Flashpoint XPLOR and Other Deals

Adorama is offering amazing deals on the Flashpoint XPLOR series all throughout November and December, so check out the XPLOR 300 and other deals here and check back often! The Flashpoint Xplor 300 Pro TTL is small enough to fit in your backpack, but “big” enough to accomplish ANY job you throw at it, making it a perfect gift for photographers of all levels.

SpiderPro Single Camera System v2 – $150

The SpiderPro has been a go-to alternative to camera straps for over a decade.  The system takes the weight of your camera off your back and shoulders and still gives you quick access to your camera.  This is a great gift for any photographer and especially great for photographers with long shoot days, such as wedding and event photographers.

spider pro camera system
sigma lenses

Sigma Lenses –$399 to $1339

Sigma is having a big Black Friday Sale, with up to $240 off of their lenses.  We’ve used and recommended SIGMA lenses for quite some time.  They give photographers a chance to own high quality glass at various focal lengths, without breaking the bank.  These qualities also make them the perfect gift, especially with their big Holiday Sale

Custom Drinkware by Photo Flash Drive – 20% Off

PhotoFlashDrive is making gift giving easy this year with their ever-growing drinkware line. With plenty of colors and styles to choose from, and the ability to customize and order just 1, you’ll surely find the perfect one to match your brand. Get 20% Off with coupon code SLRGG (Expires 12/31/20 at midnight, ET).

custom drinkware

Westcott FJ400 Strobe System – $569.90

One of the hottest lighting products to launch this year was the FJ400 from Westcott.  This 400ws strobe comes with the most full power flashes and fastest recycle time compared to other 400ws monolights, but the real game changer has been their FJ-X2m universal remote that allows you do use the same remote for Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, and Olympus cameras.  To top it off, Westcott has made this strobe incredibly affordable, considering it has the best features available now.

Enola Gaye Smoke Bombs – $11

Enola Gaye Smoke Bombs are fun creative tools for photographers of all skill levels. The Wire Pull Smoke Grenade WP40 lasts 90 Seconds and features a simple pull ring ignition, non-toxic smoke, and a fully biodegradable body.

enola gaye
manfrotto pixi

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod – $21.85  $30

As more and more content is being created on our smartphones, a good stable phone tripod is becoming a must-have for professional photographers.  This Manfrotto PIXI features a comfortable handgrip, push button locking mechanism for easy setup, and a sleek design. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H | Amazon)

Crystal Ball Photo Prop – $17

A crystal ball is an inexpensive creative prop that can help photographers create interesting and creative imagery.  These are most commonly used by portrait and landscape photographers, but can be creatively used in any genre.

glass ball photography
reflector photography

40-Inch 5-in-1 Reflector – $40

A reflector is one of the first tools any portrait photographer should because of its ability to easily shape natural light.  At under $40, it’s a perfect tool for amateur photographers looking to take the next step in their photography.

lenspen cleaning kit

LensPen Camera Cleaning Kit – $20 – Two things are common among almost all photographers.  First, they need clean gear (and don’t clean often enough).  And second, they often misplace their cleaning gear or don’t have it handy.  Long story short, all photographers can use an extra cleaning kit.

national geographic

National Geographic Magazine $19  Every photographer would appreciate this classic, iconic magazine that showcases some of the best nature and landscape photography in the world.

anker charger

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD Redux – $39.99Battery life is the beauty and bane of today’s photographer. Whether we’re on location on a mountain, working from a coffee shop, we’ll have a plethora of devices that need power to get you through the end of the day. As the technology and gear changes, so do our power needs and that’s why an Anker Battery Pack deserves to be in all of our gear bags.

spider holster handstrap

Spider Pro Handstrap v2 – $70 – The SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 is a comfortable camera solution with a Nylon core that “remembers”, or conforms to your hand shape and shooting angle after repeated use. The updated v2 design features a wider memory foam interior for better hand support.

custom water bottle

Custom Branded Water Bottle – $20 $25

Put the logo of your favorite photographer onto a high quality water bottle this holiday season.  After all, staying hydrated is critical for any photographer on the job!  Get 20% Off with coupon code SLRGG (Expires 12/31/20 at midnight, ET).

joby gorillapod

JOBY GorillaPod – $50Gorilla pods are flexible, portable, and surprisingly sturdy! Capable of supporting everything from your cellphone to a DSLR, these devices are made to last, giving photographers the ability to see things from nearly any perspective.

Leatherman Wingman Multitool – $59.95

The Leather Wingman Multitool is a must-have for any photographer on location. Whether it’s fixing a light stand or trimming loose ends on a model’s wardrobe, this thing will come in handy sooner or later.

leatherman wingman0tool
magmod starter kit

Magmod Flash Starter Kit

Magmod light shaping tools are essential, convenient tools for on-location shooters like wedding and portrait photographers.  This is our recommended system for attaching grids and gels to your flashes, making this a great gift for photographers.  Also check out their full Magbox System.

Crown and Paw Prints – $59.95 and Up

Turn your pet portrait into a work of art with Crown and Paw Prints.  Hilariously awesome, these are sure to be appreciated by any pet owner.

crown and paw
dji om4

DJI OM 4 – $149

The DJI OM 4 makes video creation easy and accessible.  Never post a shaky video again with the powerful 3-axis motor.  Tons of other great features include dynamicZoom, Gesture Control, and ActiveTrack.

instax smartphone printer

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Printer $99.95 – The Fujifilm instant printer bridges the gap between digital and physical prints by making it easy to print photos directly from your phone. Add fun filters and frames to your photos and even print photos from your videos, with a printing speed of just 12 seconds

share luminar ai

Luminar AI – $99 – A game changing image editor fully powered by artificial intelligence, Luminar AI makes creating striking photos is fun and surprisingly easy.  Replace skies, add fog and other atmospheric effects, and much more with a few clicks.

adobe photography plan

Adobe Photography Plan – $119.88/yr – The standard in image editing, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop is a must-have for any amateur or professional photographer.  This is a great complementary gift for the photographer who just upgraded from mobile photography to a mirrorless or DSLR system.

SLR Lounge Premium – $178

For the first time, SLR Lounge Premium is offering a $178, 6 month membership option for the holiday season.  Get unlimited access to all 1,500+ real world photography and business lessons by Pye Jirsa.

slrlounge premium bf
datacolor spyder x elite

Datacolor SpyderX Elite – $269.99

Any photographer who creates physical prints or delivers professional photos to clients needs to calibrate his or her monitors to ensure accurate colors.  Datacolor’s SpyderX Elite is the best tool for the job.

Profoto C1 Plus Smartphone Studio Light – $299 $465 

A great gift for mobile photographers, the C1 encompasses the quality and precision of Profoto designed for your mobile needs.  The round shape gives you a soft fall-off for beautiful light.  Use the click-on magnetic mount to attach additional shaping tools.  (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H | Amazon)

profoto c1
westcott ringlight

Westcott 18” BiColor Ring Light Kit – $199.90

Although Westcott is known for their high-end cinema lights, they also have a great all-in-one ring light kit that is available for your increased amount of zoom calls with clients, your youtube side-hustle, or using during a photoshoot.

Loupedeck+ Editing Console – $249

If you spend any time in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture one, or basically any other editing and retouching application, then you’ll definitely want to have a keyboard/console like accessory from Loupedeck to help make your editing a breeze. These devices come fully configured with all the most used features and tools in the physical buttons and knobs, and they offer a wide range of customization to cater exactly to your editing style and workflow.

loupedeck plus
holdfast camera straps

HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness – $219.99 – If you’re looking for a gift for a two-camera shooter, then the Holdfast Moneymaker is a great option.  The quality build and the stylish look make this a favorite among wedding photographers.


WANDRD – PRVKE Travel and DSLR Camera Backpack – $184 – A photographer you know will tell you they’re always searching for a better bag/backpack to carry all of their favorite gear, is comfortable to wear for long periods, and can fit in the overhead/carryon section of an airplane. That’s why the Wandrd Prvke is the perfect choice of fashion and function for the creative on your list this holiday season.

lacie harddrive

LaCie Rugged SSD 1TB Solid State Drive – $229.99 – One thing that goes hand in hand with photography is the need for multiple hard drives. Be it for sending files to a retoucher, giving them to a client, or just archiving and backing up in triplicate, you can never have enough storage! The Lacie Rugged Portable SSD Drive can make a world of difference with both capacity and speed making it a near perfect gift for the creative on your list.


Insta360 GO Action Camera- $199.99 – A fun, innovative way to capture stabilized, 1080p footage, GO features proprietary FlowState stabilization to keep your footage impossibly smooth, AI-powered FlashCut to find your best shots and edit them together on beat, and a wide range of in-the-box accessories.

Visual Flow Lightroom Presets Bundle – $320 ($475)

SLR Lounge’s sister company, Visual Flow is offering 33% off of their preset bundles.  Buy the entire set for just $320 and get access to 4 powerful and intuitive time-saving preset packs plus the retouching toolkit.

visual flow
peak design travel tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod – $349.95

As SLR Lounge’s recommended tripod, The Travel Tripod by Peak Design gives you pro-level stability and load capacity, yet packs down to the diameter of a water bottle.  The unique design gives you fast and easy setup and takedown capabilities with a secure, fast, and ergonomic camera quick release.

Gnarbox 2.0 – $499

Nobody wants to bring their laptops along during an epic adventure climbing a mountain or hiking for days in the wilderness, but we also don’t want to miss and / or lose any of our precious photographs from those trips. Gnarbox has addressed and fixed that problem with the v2.0 – a backup solution that’s waterproof, weighs next to nothing, and can connect to your phone for viewing and management of the files you’ve backed up on there. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H | Amazon)

gnarbox 2
mavic mini 2

DJI Mavic Mini 2 – $449

The latest drone from DJI, The Mini 2 is less than 249 grams, with a compact and convenient design ideal for travel cinematography.   Featuring a 3- Axis Gimbal, a 4K camera, and loads of the latest technology, this is a great gift for the amateur or professional film maker or photographer. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H)

Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro $399 $499

The most recent addition to the Flashpoint XPLOR series is the XPLOR 300 PRO.   This offers enough power to be used in the studio or outdoors, and offers battery power to make on-location shoots a breeze.

flashpoint xplor 300
wacom tablet

Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro $379The standard for photographers and graphic artists when it comes to graphic drawing tablets, the latest Wacom tablet is a great gift for photographers who spend significant time in editing their photos.  This slim tablet design is their most popular size (13.2” x 8.5”) and features 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-response and virtually lag-free tracking for ultimate precision and control.

mobile by peak design

Mobile by Peak Design – $32 to $332Following in their tradition of innovation, Peak Design released Mobile this year, an entire ecosystem of mountscasesaccessories, and chargers designed to better integrate your phone with your life. They’re made for any phone, and also compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe® system.


SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Photo Kit – $320 – Nightscape photographers will love this motorized portable tracking platform perfect for capturing incredible detail of the Milky Way, eclipses and other astronomical objects. The SkyWatcher features allows for integration with existing tripods.

Sigma Lenses – $399 to $1339

Sigma lenses are a great choice for any photographer because of their high performance in sharpness and overall image quality, solid build, and good price point.

sigma black friday
profoto a1

Profoto A1x – $895 $1095

The Profoto A1 Light is an incredibly versatile flash that can be adapted to almost any situation on camera or off. The magnet ring makes attachments and accessory swapping a breeze and the TTL capabilities can do most of the heavy lifting for you in terms of your settings. Professionals will enjoy the fast adjustments and versatility, amateurs will take advantage of all of the intelligent and automatic operations. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H | Amazon)

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk – $664

With most of us working from home, stand-up desks have become an even hotter item to make the “must have” lists for the creatives in your life. The Jarvis Stand Up Desks have become one of the most popular desks sold today with a competitive price point, a wide variety of heights to accommodate most people, and stability in line with the best in the market.

jarvis standing desk
zhiyum crane 2s pro

Zhiyun Crane-2S Pro – $849

Zhiyun Crane-2S Pro 3-Axis stabilizer is one of the hottest products of 2020 in its category.   The Crane-2S handles large cameras, and you can also mount multiple accessories on it. It features the new FlexMount System which simplifies the setup process while securing the camera with a double safety lock. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H | Amazon)

Macbook Pro | M1 8-Core CPU $1,299 and Up

The new M1 chip integrates the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I/O, and more into a single system on a chip (SoC), creating the most powerful and efficient Macbook Pro yet.   With performance 3.5 times faster than the predecessor, the new Macbook Pro is sure to make any photographer’s mouth drool.   (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H | Amazon)

macbook pro m1
profoto b10plus

Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head – $2,095

The B10 Plus builds on the laurels of the original B10, with the same quality, consistency, and design of the original, but now offers 500Ws of power, double that of its predecessor. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H)

Puget Systems Custom PC – Price Varies

If you’re looking to splurge on a custom built PC computer, we recommend going with Puget Systems.  They’ll put together an optimized machine for your photo and/or video editing needs with operating speeds unmatched by any out-of-the-box solution.

puget systems

Fuji X-T4 – $1,699

The X-Series cameras have been a favorite among professional creatives and the Fujifilm X-T4 has raised the bar even further. This flagship Fujifilm X-Series camera will be the perfect gift for the professional Fujifilm shooter in your life. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H)

fuji xt4 1
canon eosr 6

Canon EOS R6 – $2,499

The R6 is a brilliant full-frame mirrorless camera from Canon.  It’s more affordable than the R5 yet still boasts many of the same strengths, such as best-in-class autofocus performance, in-body image stabilization and more. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H)

Canon EOS R5 – $3,899

The R5 is one of the best cameras Canon has ever made, with 45 megapixels, a 5,940 auto focus zone, a 20 fps shooting speed and 8k movie capabilities.  This is the camera for the professional photographer loyal to the Canon brand. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H)

canon r5
nikon z6ii

Nikon Z6 II – $1,996.95

The Nikon Z 6II offers upgraded speed, versatility, and performance, on its predecessor.  As an all-rounder mirrorless camera, this is designed for high-end photo and video production. (Check Pricing at Adorama | B&H)

Nikon Z 7II – $2,996.95

The Z7 II boasts a 45.7MP full-frame BSI sensor with  dual processors and dual card slots, making a great option for professionals looking for the latest mirrorless technology under the Nikon Brand. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H)

nikon z7ii
sony z7iii

Sony A7 III – $1,698 $1998

The Sony A7III builds on the strong performance of its predecessors.  It has a 24MP full-frame sensor, 4K video, a 693-point hybrid autofocus system, frame rate of 10 fps, and other impressive specs.  It also has 2 card slots and a long battery life, making it a great value. (Adorama | B&H)

Sony A7S III – $3,498

If you’re ready to splurge on a camera and fully commit to the Sony mirrorless system, you can’t go wrong with the A7S III.  This full-frame hybrid camera is a small 4K camera with incredible low light performance and great video quality, with the ability to record for long durations. (Check Pricing: Adorama | B&H)

sony a7siii