So Christmas is just over a week away, and that means many will still be looking for last-minute gifts of any size. Luckily, with Amazon Prime and even B&H, there’s still time to pick up a few quick and easy stocking stuffers for the photographer in your life. Within this post we’ll list some unusual but highly useful and loved stocking stuffer ideas, and if you’re looking for anything bigger (yes, there’s still time for those too), check out our 2016 Holiday Gift Guides:

Holiday Gift Guides: 


Without further a do, here are some of our favorite small, inexpensive items that we recommend.


fuji-fujifilm-instax-mini-black-white-sky-blue-3Last Holiday Season was dominated by Fuji Instax sales, and for good reason. Fuji Instax cameras have become ubiquitous features at all manners of social events, bringing back the instant gratification to tangible photography, and all in a handsome package. Now, there’s the new Monochromevariety brining the classic and artistic qualities of black and white photography back to Instant film, and for those of you who may be holding out for a Leica Sofort Instant camera, rest assured your camera will be compatible with Fujifilm.


Have 10 tools ready wherever you go with the compact and convenient black Dime Multi-Tool from Gerber which features a keychain ring and pocketable size. The stainless steel tool is durable and features spring-loaded needlenose pliers, a wire cutter, and a fine-edge blade as well as a specialized blade to cut and open retail packages. Other tools include spring-loaded scissors, Phillips and medium flat tip screwdrivers, a bottle opener, tweezers, and a file.

String Lights


These inexpensive AA battery-powered string of lights are great for adding interesting foreground or background elements to your pictures. Put them in front of your lens and use it as a GOBO, like you see in the image below; or if you need a creative ring shot, consider putting them behind your subject for some interesting bokeh.



holiday-gift-guide-christmas-iphone-camera-3We’ve sung the virtues of this ‘smoke machine in a can’ for some time now, and will continue to do so. When it comes time to add a particular amount of flare or drama to a scene, adding a big of ‘fog’ to the environment can change the entire dynamic of something bland, into something special, but fog machines can be expensive, and certianly cumbersome. Atmosphere Aerosol dispels with the inconvenience and cost to bring a lightweight solution that’s easy to use, and truly effective. Right now you can buy 3 cans and get one free.


If you hadn’t noticed, film has made a come-back worthy of its own, err, film, in recent years. An absolute staple and go-to for photographers and film emulation users all over is Koday Tri-X and if there’s a film shooter you know that you’re looking for, a few rolls of this will show savvy and be welcomed.



SLR Lounge Education

photography-education-christmasMany of you know that you can download our education in our store. But did you know that you can pick up many of our popular workshops directly on Amazon Prime? Check out our selection photography education here. We’re offering a holiday discount through Christmas on our most popular workshops that include: Photography 101, Natural Light Couples Photography, and the Newborn Photography Workshop.

6″ Prism

prism In the last couple of years, more and more photographers are incorporating prisms into their photography. Popularized by Sam Hurd out of Washington DC, prisms can be used to create interesting reflections or introduce different colors and lens flares to a composition. The image below is shot with a Prism held just below the image.


Peak Design CUFF WRIST STRAP $19

holiday-gift-guide-christmas-iphone-camera-9The Peak Design Cuff wrist strap is a deceptively addictive piece of kit, coming in a simple understated box, it has quickly become one of the favorite pieces of our Editor, Kishore. It’s a strong, small quick-connect system that can mount to any piece of gear that has a loop or D-ring; from DSLRs to mirrorless to compacts, it can handle them all and hold them should your camera slip from your hands. It functions off Peak Design’s quick-release plate and lug, and you can snap your camera into the system and out of it with the push of a very secure button. Also, when you’re camera isn’t attached it can wrap around your wrist to be tidy and get’s out of the way. It’s utterly surprising and great for anyone who wants a strap security solution that is not obtrusive.

Canon Lens Mugs

stocking-stuffers-for-photographersFor the Canon shooter in your life, consider these fun Canon lens mugs. They offer model replicas of a few of their most popular L lenses, including the 24-70mm f/4L, 70-200mm f/4L, and the 24-105mm f/4L that can be used as a cup or pen holder for your favorite photographer’s workstation.

Spray Bottles


Simple Spray Bottles are useful tools for creating interesting effects. Photographers can use spray bottles to create mist or even to emulate rain. Or as Pye of Lin and Jirsa often does, photographers can spray water directly on the lens to help capture unique flares.


Sephora Double-sided Mirror

SephoraMirror It’s no secret that reflections can help create interesting imagery. But what if they are not naturally available in the scene? Having this small mirror in your gear bag can really come in handy. Beyond using reflections creatively, a mirror can be an asset when on location with a couple during an engagement shoot, or with a model doing tests or any shoot really, and a small quick access mirror like this easy to use and easy to hide.



The black RS-7 Curve Camera Strap from BlackRapidis a lightweight, right-handed strap with attachment points to customize the strap with a choice of storage and other features. It is designed to work with Black Rapid’s MODS system. The ballistic nylon material gives it extreme strength. Additional materials include a polyester base and an underside of 1cm thick TPE (thermoplastic polyethylene) foam padding with fused knitted polyester mesh. As far as useable, unassuming and high-functioning pieces of gear goes, this is near the top.

Memory Cards

stocking-stuffers-photography Over time, all memory cards need to be replaced, creating this continual demand for more memory cards among photographers. SD Cards like the Lexar Professional 64GB Card or CF Cards like the SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB CF card will fit perfectly in that stocking.

Manfrotto PIXI EVO Mini Tripod $50

Getting a camera in just the right position for just the right framing is a big part of taking the right photograph. There’s little size or weight penalty with the PIXI EVO Mini Tripod from Manfrotto. It’s a tabeltop tripod that can hold up to 5.5 lb while weighing only 9.4 oz. It has two leg sections that are adjustable in five steps, allowing it to extend from 2.4″ up to 7.7″ high. The legs can be set at two different angles via the sliding selector. Easily enabling you to place your camera in portrait orientation, a 90° notch is built into the integrated ball head. One of those gifts that will be small but with big impact.

Domke 15×15″ Color Coded Protective Wrap $13

This is for all those who want to make sure your gear is protected, no matter the shape of the bag. The Domke 15×15″ Color Coded Protective Wraps are constructed of padded knit nylon with a non-scratch nylon backing. These squares can be wrapped around small cameras, lenses, electronic flashes, tools, or anything else that will fit inside a bag or case. Touch fastener tabs on all four corners allow them to be wrapped in any shape. Particularly good if you don’t use highly protective camera bags or make non-camera bags into them with inserts and so on.

Tiffen 52mm Photo Twin Pack (UV Protection & Circular Polarizing) $30

UVHaze filters can help protect your lenses from dust, moisture and scratches, and if desired they can be left on the lens at all times for protection. Haze filters provide additional benefits of correction for Ultraviolet (UV) light which can register on film and videotape as a bluish cast and can obscure distant details. Ultraviolet filters allow you to correct for the UV effect to varying degrees. Haze-1 filters absorb approximately 71 percent of UV.

The circular polarizers are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. They can remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass and also saturate colors providing better contrast. The effect can be seen through the viewfinder and changed by rotating the filter. The filter factor varies according to how the filter is rotated and its orientation to the sun. This is a great kit to get into using filters.