I’m a mom with a camera. I got my start in the photography business when I had my baby and couldn’t stop taking photos of her. Then, one thing led to another, and like many photographers who are also moms, somehow ended up with my own photography business. Though my favorite person to take photos of is still my baby, who is nine now, I don’t get to take as many photos of her anymore.

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Elena Shumilova is no different. This Russian mommy and photographer loves taking photos of her two boys, Yaroslav and Vanya. She got her first “professional” camera in 2012 and has been taking photos of her boys, their day to day adventures with each other and their pets around the farm.


“I largely trust my intuition and inspiration when I compose photos. I get inspired mainly by my desire to express something I feel, though I usually cannot tell exactly what that is” Shumilova said in an article on BoredPanda.

As you can see in the following images, Elena loves to use natural light, preferring to play with the fog, snow, street lamps and setting sun to create a magical world where the growth of two little boys are captured under a mother’s watchful eye. Elena’s current equipment includes a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 135mm lens.

Her work really inspires me to grab my camera, go outside with my daughter and my dog and capture the beauty of her childhood before she grows up before my eyes. And maybe adopt some farm animals, too.

elena-shumilova-6 elena-shumilova-7 elena-shumilova-8 elena-shumilova-9 elena-shumilova-1 elena-shumilova-2 elena-shumilova-12 elena-shumilova-13 elena-shumilova-14 elena-shumilova-15 elena-shumilova-19 elena-shumilova-20 elena-shumilova-21 You can see more of Elena Shumilova’s amazing work on her Flickr and 500px pages.

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