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Interviews Interview with Sanjay Jogia, of Eye Jogia Photography | Fundy Designer Artist Feature
By Amii & Andy Kauth on February 18, 2019
When it comes to Eye Jogia Photography, we are apt to remember that, while we do what we do because we love it, we...

Home off-camera flash

Community Critique Community Photo Critique – Portrait Lighting Edition
By Pye Jirsa on January 24, 2019
Welcome to our first episode of Community Photo Critique! This series was developed to help our community members...
Gear & Apps Cheetah Stand C8 Review for Wedding and Event Photographers
By Christopher Lin on January 2, 2019
Flash stands are critical for wedding and event photography, but they're not always...
Gear & Apps Initial Thoughts on Godox Flash Systems for Working Professionals, Pt. 1
By Pye Jirsa on August 22, 2018
For this review, I tested six Godox flash units, all on loan from B&H. While most know...
Tips & Tricks How To Master The Couples Session | Wedding Photography Guide, Pt. 5
By SLR Lounge Official on August 9, 2018
Welcome to part five of our official Wedding Photography Guide, a series of weekly...
Gear & Apps MagMod’s Most Anticipated Launch | 3 New Revolutionary Lighting Tools You Have To See!
By Shivani Reddy on June 26, 2018
Magmod launches three new products for their 4th Kickstarter campaign - will you be...
Tips & Tricks 7 Creative Off-Camera Flash Techniques For Wedding Photographers
By SLR Lounge Official on May 30, 2018
See how 7 of our Award winning photographers created these incredible images during the...
Tips & Tricks Using Artificial Light To Mimic The Sun | How I Shot It
By Brittany Smith on May 22, 2018
How to create edgy, current, and beautiful looks anywhere
Freebies and Fun SLR Lounge Lighting Week
By SLR Lounge Official on May 18, 2018
Join us May 21st to the 31st, 2018 for our first SLR Lounge Lighting Week! The goal...
Tips & Tricks Natural Light v Off-Camera Flash: Which One Is Best For You?
By Wendell Weithers on September 16, 2017
Manny Ortiz breaks some some useful basics.
Tips & Tricks How I Shot It | Balancing Natural and Artificial Light For 3 Different Looks
By Brittany Smith on August 14, 2017
Using 1 light and an imperfect location to make a great set of shots