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Icelight V2 Pre-Release Hands On Review

By Kishore Sawh on March 3rd 2015


Few products come onto the market that gather the attention of both the amateur and professional, as well as be attainable for both, especially when it comes to lighting. We may all look with hungry and lustful eyes at Broncolor when they release a new light, but for most of us, their prices make it impractical or unjustifiable, as incredible as they may be. It’s one of the reasons why the new Profoto B2s are sure to be a hit, since they offer so much flexibility and professional quality from a great brand at a little lower cost. Similarly, Westcott’s Icelight is one of those products that just hits a sweet spot, and that spot has become a little bigger, and a little sweeter with the incarnation of the IceLight 2.


The Icelight, for those who may be less familiar, is a portable, dimmable, handheld, continuos LED light source that’s the love-child of renowned wedding and portrait photographer Jerry Ghionis, and Westcott –  and that’s quality lineage. As you’d expect and in kind, it’s a quality product, and since its inception it’s been an object of desire for many. The design is one of light weight, and it’s daylight b