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19 Jul 2024

Star Trails

star trails
Term: Star Trails
Description: Star trails in photography refer to the long-exposure images that capture the apparent motion of stars across the night sky due to the Earth's rotation. These trails appear as continuous paths or lines that stars make over time, illustrating their movement in a static image. This effect is achieved by setting a camera on a tripod, pointing it towards the sky, and using a long shutter speed, often extending for several minutes to several hours. The resulting image reveals the paths stars trace, which can appear as circular patterns around the celestial poles or straight lines depending on the photographer's orientation to the Earth's axis.

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Long Exposure Star Trails on a Moonless Night

Continuing with the recent “How We Shot It” theme of long exposures, today we have something quite different from last week’s 30 sec. sunset tide pool portrait. While shooting in broad daylight for 30 seconds or longer is a challenge because it requires a very dark neutral density filter such as a 9-stop or 10-stop ND, shooting on a moonless night at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is even darker!