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Fundy Designer Updated & New Tiered Structure For Album Design & Sales Tools

By Kishore Sawh on March 20th 2017

We’ve spoken at length about the value of prints in this business of ours. Regardless of the type of photography you do, there’s a level of satisfaction derived from the images to both you and client when the images are tangible prints. We’ve also spoken at length about Fundy Designer as our software of choice for designing albums and print sales, and today they’ve released an updated version of their software which comes with not only a new feature-set, but with a new tiered pricing structure.

The tiered structure starts at $199 for Fundy Suite Lite, $349 for Fundy Suite Pro, and $499 for Fundy Suite Studio.

“The Fundy Suite Lite is the perfect starting point, priced at $199, for the emerging pro. Allowing them to design and sell the most popular album and wall art in the industry. The Fundy Suite Pro, priced at $349, add more professional options such as previewing custom framed prints and designing larger albums that are coveted by high-end brides. The top-tier Fundy Suite Studio, priced at $499, is created for the large studio, allowing up to five computers to run the Suite simultaneously.”

Fundy software also offers a Pro Enhancement feature package that’s available for $179/year, and brings with it skin retouching in the form of Athentech’s Perfectly Clear that lets you control the level of retouch for things like skin resurfacing, blemish removal, and eye brightening, and the package also brings access to online proofing with Design Proofer for client feedback, managing revisions, and general client communication. Last but not least, Pro Enhancement subscription brings access to new ad-ons to the suite as part of the package. At this time and for a limited time only, all three licensing tiers bring with them 3 free months of the Pro Enhancement package.

It’s worth noting that Fundy’s broad adoption among wedding professionals is not without reason, and that’s partially due to the mix of professional album design (template-free but also with the popular auto pro-album designer) and ease with which something great is created, but also that Fundy integrates sales tools that allow photographers to conduct sales sessions with their clients either in-person or virtually, and assist with sales even for those who find selling difficult. All of that and their integration with popular print labs. Check out the link below for a walkthrough of how we use Fundy Designer:


You can find out more about Fundy and check out a free trial of the software here.

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  1. Robert Arnold

    Hey Kishore,

    I’ve got a Mac Retina and have had a horrible time with Fundy’s development team.  There was never a warning about not working with a Retina screen, although they finally fixed a lot of the display problems (while some remain), it took forever and I lost 100’s of hours getting my projects ready.  I find that their PR is polite and responds quickly but customer service can only offer workarounds, and the developers seem unorganised and not much get’s fixed.  The software is very buggy and crashes often causing major problems.  Maybe it’s because I have a Mac… but don’t most photographers?   Auto design is great if you go for that look but once you start customising the program doesn’t work quickly or smoothly.  I’m in constant touch with them and hope they get their act together but I feel like the software is still beta material and way overpriced.  It doesn’t even consistently hold the place in the album from one view to the next and I’m constantly scrolling back to my place.  Am I the only one with so many problems — everyone seems to give such nice reviews.  They seem like good people but I feel like I’m talking to the wall.

    | |