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28 Mar 2023



Photography Careers and Business

Artisan State Releases $10 Little Black Book with Upgraded Features

I recently had the opportunity to review Artisan State’s Little Black Book prototype. I had been looking for an affordable mini album option for my own family photos, as well as a more sophisticated alternative to the popular accordion mini books to offer my clients as a gift or package upgrade so these “Little Black Books” intrigued me. I, along with other photographers, offered some suggestions to Artisan State for improving the book and they listened! The book is now available for photographers to order with a few upgrades.

Photography Careers and Business

Artisan State Develops $10 “Cobbler’s” Little Black Book Mini Album

Driven by the desire to offer an easy and affordable photo book option for professionals to use for their own art and family photos, Artisan State announced the development of their Little Black Book earlier this month. Still in prototype phase, this little 5×7 inch book is filled with 20 pages of brilliant Silver Halide prints, lays completely flat and is flush mounted. Best of all, this hand made album costs just a little over $10!