In this video, Michael Shainblum shares the 5 Mistakes he’s made in the past and the things he’s learned because of them to become a better photographer. While no matter how far into our careers we may get as creatives there are a few here in this list that we will all might still be guilty of in our work.  But being aware of them should help you to still be able to progress in your work.

Seek Help When YOu Need It

Not only does Michael share a few tangible tips in this video, but he’s also opening up with a few mental tips as well. I won’t spill all the secrets here, you’ll have to watch the video above for all the advice, but here’s a quick breakdown of what Michael covers in this video;

  • TIP #1: Not getting to know the landscape.
  • TIP #2: Shooting everything wide.
  • TIP #3: Letting others control your art.
  • TIP #4: Comparing your work to others.
  • TIP #5: Not getting enough help, when you need it.

There’s definitely a lot to take in but Michael breaks each section down in easy to swallow portions of advice. No matter how long you may be shooting, a multi-year professional, or a brand new amateur, the tips in here are worth listening to and keeping close while you’re out there shooting and editing your images.

Be sure to let us know any mistakes you might have made in the past as well as any tips you think were missed in this video that would be useful in the comments below.