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B&H Photo & Video - JB Sallee Photography - Off Camera Lighting Tips
Artist Features
Award-winning wedding photographer JB Sallee has teamed up with B&H to share off-camera lighting tips and show you how to use strobes more...
Artist Features
Rick Friedman describes his work like this: "I have gotten my college education one hour at a time, from some of the greatest minds in the world...
Artist Features
For Florin Stefan, "A moment, where time stops, can tell everything about a subject, but it can also tell a lot about the one who created the...
Artist Features
For Marius Igas, when it comes to photography advice, "find your niche, do what you love, do it with passion, and never stop learning!"
Artist Features
For Kate Woodman, "photography is a personal journey. It requires you to dig deep and find inspiration that comes from personal experience and...
Artist Features
Heiko and Cati Schmidt definitely agree "you need to sell your work, but [for them] what you discover for yourself can influence your professional...
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