Known in the freelance industry for creating user-friendly tools that make freelancing sustainable, recently announced the launch of their full-featured website builder. As the name suggests, the new website builder comes loaded with easy-to-use features, from specially designed templates and pre-built sections to AI writing tools, eCommerce, and more, all designed to create professional websites quickly and with minimal hassle. The new website builder should remove a lot of the challenges associated with creating professional quality websites and help keep your business visible online. Also, those who use’s CRM platform (which we’ve previously reviewed) will be happy to know that the website you’re building will be directly linked to your CRM, further streamlining your workflow to create a better experience for you and your customers. Full-Featured Website Builder

Here’s a quick look at some of the key features and highlights noted in’s announcement of the new full-featured website builder, which is available as of September 5th.

1. Freelancing Templates

01 bloom io full featured website builder launch templates

To help get you started on the right track,’s website builder features several new pre-designed templates that have been created for a wide range of freelancing categories, including photography, design, marketing, online shops, and more. As photographers, we can use any number of these templates, although the website portfolio is particularly well-suited for showcasing images. You can explore and demo the different templates until you find one that suits your business. If you decide on a different template at some point, will transfer all of your information over from one template to the other.

2. Pre-Built Sections and AI Writing

You won’t need any coding knowledge or experience and planning the site is a cinch. Each template comes loaded with pre-built sections, and these template blocks feature drag-and-drop capability. All you need to do is organize the blocks you have available from within the template you’ve chosen. Once they’re in place, take advantage of’s AI writer and complete the templates with relevant content geared towards improving SEO ranking. This feature will prove especially useful when adding tip-oriented or copy-heavy content to your site pages.

3. Sales and Landing Pages

03 bloom io website builder landing page formLanding pages represent a crucial component of websites for several reasons. They reduce clutter and make it easy for site visitors to find specific information that they’re looking for, which helps generate leads, convert product sales, and so on. By incorporating relevant keywords, meta tags, and high-quality content, you increase the chances of your landing page appearing in search results for relevant queries. offers clean landing page templates that you can use to promote offers on unique sales pages. If you’re new to creating landing pages, you can explore other established sales pages through to help convert your offers.

4. Multiple Website Building

04 bloom io website builder Bloom Portal

With’s website builder, you can create several websites for multiple businesses. You are not limited to just one. For example, if you’ve divided up your business into separate brands, say one for wedding photography and another for family or maternity photography, you can easily build websites for each brand, all under one portal using your same plan.

5. High Performance

runner for website graphic

If you’ve ever visited a sluggish website, you know how frustrating it can be. Potential clients won’t spend too much time waiting for pages to load at any point during the visit. According to the team at, Google’s Core Web Vitals ranked’s website builder as the fastest when compared to such builders as WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, Wix, and Shopify.

6. Blogging Tools

Blogs can go a long way toward helping your website rank well. Of course, this depends on how well they’re optimized for SEO. Fortunately,’s website builder includes several SEO optimization tools, including keywords, blog tags, post scheduling, descriptions, and more.

7. eCommerce Ready

ecommerce example has put together a powerful means to quickly add a shop to your website and begin selling your products and services. Here’s a list of features included with the website builder for putting together a shop (and all without platform transaction fees):

  • Product pages
  • Tips and gratuity
  • Email marketing
  • Automated Store emails
  • Payment options
  • Max/min purchase
  • Sell on social media
  • In-store and scheduled pickup
  • Gift cards
  • Coupons
  • Product categories
  • Digital downloads
  • Stock count
  • Shipping integration
  • Tracking codes

8. Membership Management

member management

For those who need it, you can create members-only content, sell subscriptions, all of which can be managed through custom login pages and so on.

9. Affordable Pricing

All of the features mentioned above (and more) are available for $14/month. Considering the list of included features, this provides a great value for freelancers looking to maintain a professional quality website. This becomes even more apparent when you compare the price to competitors. falls on the lower side, offering a low set price where others offer a range to access full service, further making Bloom a great deal.

  • $14/mo (Unlimited Plan)
  • Squarespace: $23/mo – $65/mo
  • Wix: $16/mo – $159/mo
  • Webflow: $18/mo – $212/mo
  • Format: $12/mo – $36/mo
  • Weebly: $13/mo – $29/mo Full-Featured Website Builder | Conclusion

Working as a freelancer requires one to wear many hats, and our time is limited. It helps to have tools like’s new full-featured website builder, which also integrates directly into their business workspace. One of our main goals as a freelancer is to effectively manage our time and resources while creating a positive client experience, and tools like these can help us hit those goals. If you’re interested in checking out’s new website builder, you can take advantage of a free trial at For the month of September (2023), is offering the first month of the website builder for free, which will give you plenty of time to experiment before committing to a monthly subscription.