Something new is on the horizon, and if you seek the new, the novel, the fun and the useful, it warrants some attention. It’s called INSPIRE, hosted by Adorama in New York, and it’s a week that aims to promote and invigorate the creative visual community and blend it with the summer energy of NYC.

It sounds refreshing.

We are at a fulcrum point right now when it comes to photography events, where it seems the old guard has realized that the static display-and-lecture methodology of the past, belongs there. And that the present and future of events is kinetic-and-tangible.

It’s less ‘look, and listen‘, and more ‘take and create‘. The standoff-ish nature of the ‘come to the counter but leave it there‘ must end, as creative events need to be inclusive and experiential. And that’s what INSPIRE is shaping up to be, with its ‘designed to share’ week of experiences that will run from June 25 – July 1, and culminates in an entirely revamped version of their annual Street Fair.

Adorama and partners (everyone from Sony, Canon, Fuji, RED, DJI…) seek to provide not only inspiration and education by top fresh talent, but today’s top gear for use in unique settings, like at the Bronx Zoo, concert and after party, shooting night photography in Central Park, from a helicopter, and in various wedding and portrait set-ups. So you’re not just a spectator watching someone demo something, but doing it alongside.

There will be workshops dealing with aerial and drone photography, video production, audio engineering, fashion and portrait photography, and even podcast development. And the tools needed to create in these genres will be right there at hand to use for all in attendance. And furthermore, there are going to be panels that will give insight into the state of our industry today, not as it was last year, and touching upon the critical issues of our time, like the direction of social content, women in film, art & activism, and where the overall media industry is going, as to help you remain relevant.

The entire week’s worth of events can be attended by anyone, and most of it free. And perhaps one of the most attractive facets of the week is that INSPIRE dispenses with the waste, so you can effectively tailor your schedule to attend strictly what you want, without the overhead time & monetary cost of everything else.

To reiterate, INSPIRE looks refreshing, and exciting, and like something the community needs.

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Post Script: Due to the different approach, SLR Lounge will be doing an event, about which we will be bringing more information in the weeks to come. So, stay tuned.