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33 Unbelievable Award-Winning Landscapes & Cityscapes

By SLR Lounge Official on November 13th 2018

In September we launched a new category for SLR Lounge Awards –Landscapes/Cityscapes! We faced some difficult decisions in choosing our group of winners in the Wedding Portraiture & Wedding Photojournalism categories. If you didn’t receive an award, don’t give up! We choose winners every month so keep submitting for your chance to win in November!

To familiarize yourself with the scoring and selection of our winners please visit the Awards Instructions page.  The winners are determined by a combination of community scoring and panel scoring.  The panel consists of photographers from the creators of SLR Lounge, Lin and Jirsa Photography, along with other professional photographers/SLR Lounge editors.

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Apex Award Winners

Filip Molčan – SLRL Profile | Website

Dalbir Virdee – SLRL Profile | Website

Ryan Longnecker – SLRL Profile | Website

Andre Finetti Cangussu – SLRL Profile

Michael Durr – SLRL Profile | Website

Lindsey Chu – SLRL Profile

Ryan Longnecker – SLRL Profile | Website

John Bosma – SLRL Profile | Website

Carsten Schertzer – SLRL Profile | Website

Dejan Dajković – SLRL Profile

Summit Award Winners

Silviu-Florin Salomia – SLRL Profile | Website

Kev Cary – SLRL Profile


Luboš Prchal – SLRL Profile

Ryan Longnecker – SLRL Profile | Website

Ray David – SLRL Profile

Kevin Persaud – SLRL Profile | Website

Neil Johnson – SLRL Profile

Renaldo Opice – SLRL Profile

Max Karmazin – SLRL Profile

Lindsey Chu – SLRL Profile

Xavier Garcia – SLRL Profile

Priyesh Rughani – SLRL Profile | Website

Jasko Omerovic – SLRL Profile | Website

Ascent Award Winners

Greg Larson – SLRL Profile

Michael Santos – SLRL Profile | Website

Don Risi – SLRL Profile

David Gould – SLRL Profile | Website

Sarah Hershkowitz – SLRL Profile

Neil Johnson – SLRL Profile

Matthew Chesebrough – SLRL Profile | Website

Rohan Mishra – SLRL Profile | Website

Marcos Rodriguez – SLRL Profile

Dominic Salzmann – SLRL Profile

Don’t forget to submit for your chance to be a winner next month!

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