Your Camera Bag May No Longer Be Able To Be Carry-On

As if air travel hasn't become more than enough hassle, for us photographers, it may be about to get worse.

Top 3 M4/3 Mount Lenses Under $500

We have already highlighted the best budget deals for Canon, Nikon, and Pentax. Now it's time to highlight the Micro Four Thirds (M4/3) mount, which is shared by Olympus and...

Simple Trick for Long Exposure Photography Without Using a Filter

Use this simple tip to "double, triple, or even 10-tuple your shutter speed without blowing out your image."

Top 3 Lenses For Pentax K Mount Under $500

The Pentax K mount is full of great lenses that can be had for under $500, but today we are highlighting three that we feel stand out from the pack as both a great value and...

Adding A Matte Look In Lightroom Is As Easy As A Kardashian & Nearly As Overdone

Digital images are extremely clear and some of us miss that slightly faded or matte look of certain film. That's led many to use presets, but it's really easy to do on your own....
Image by Ben Moon via screencap

Surf Photographer Ben Moon's Beautiful Tribute to His Dying Dog

Ben Moon's latest project, a very personal tribute to his dog, is (in my opinion) some of his best work and it's been making the viral rounds on the Internet this week.

JTZ Sony A7 II L Bracket Reviewed

Today, I am going to share my thoughts on the JTZ alternative to the expensive brackets produced here in the US by Really Right Stuff and Kirk.

Creative Gravity Illusions Tilt the Hilly Streets of San Francisco

After seeing some photos with the tilted camera effect, Ross Ching got an idea to take a camera to the hilly streets of San Francisco to create a gravity defying, illusion...

Deal Alert: Save $100 on Sigma's 50mm F/1.4 ART Lens

In honor of Father's Day, Sigma is showing their appreciation to all the Dad photographers out there with a nice $100 savings on the Sigma 50mm F/1.4 Art lens.

Sonder E-Ink Keyboard Gives You Visual Shortcut Cues

An adaptive but undisruptive keyboard that uses E-Ink to show you what shortcuts are what keys. Very cool.
explosion-junk yard-1

Photographer, Assistant Severely Burned In Explosion During Photo Shoot

A photographer and his assistant were critically burned after candles from a photo shoot ignited an explosion at a local junkyard.

Rule Of Thirds: Context and Balance | Cinematography Compositions

In this video and article we discuss how the Rule of Thirds is used in Hollywood films, and how it's used to portray context and balance in a scene.