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Three Products That Will Set Your Photography Company Apart From The Rest

Laura and I are always looking for ways to set our photography company apart from everyone else. Recently, we have been working with 3 newer startups to provide our clients with...

Shutter Speed And The Reciprocal Rule

Getting Sharper Images One of the reasons why you may not be getting sharp images may be due to your shutter speed. In this video, I want to introduce a simple rule that will...

Wacom Launches New Line Of Intuos Pen & Touch Tablets

Intuos revamps their Pen & Touch line and includes more software. Probably the most transformative piece of kit i recommend under $100.

6 Ways to Protect Your Photography Business from Scams

Scams and litigation are more prevalent than ever, and small business owners, including photographers, are falling victim daily it seems. I've compiled a list of 6 ways to...

New Canon 50mm F/1.2L? WiFi coming to ProCanon Bodies?

Both Sigma and Zeiss have killed it with their recent respective 50mm lens launches, and this has put a lot of pressure on Canon to update their own 50mm offerings.

Friday Funny | Wedding Photographer and Videographer Bloopers

As we head into a long (and much needed) holiday weekend, I figured we could start the weekend off with some levity and some laughs.

AGREE | Removing The Headache Of Contracts & Payments For Photographers

This service could really save you lots of time, keep you easily on top of your client payments, produce beautiful contracts in minutes, and plus get grandfathered into a more...
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16 Pro Photographers Share 16 Tricks and Hacks With Cheap Accessories

Some of our professional photographer friends tell us about their little accessories that cost less than $30 and helps them to create unique images.
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Three Basic Principles For Doing In-Person Sales

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a “wet behind the ears” beginner, making money with your camera can be a daunting task.

Sony Z5 | Fastest Focusing Smartphone Ever

Sony recently announced their new flagship smartphone and it has some pretty interesting features for us photographers.

UV Filters | Are They Actually Useful Protection For Your Prized Glass?

This video may forever change your opinion on the value and usefulness of a UV filter. Are you sure you need one?

Fall Camera Giveaway | Win a Canon 5DS R, Nikon D810 or Sony A7R II!

We're teaming up with Fstoppers and Cloud Spot to give away your choice of one of the big three cameras on the market right now: a Canon 5DS R, Nikon D810, or Sony a7RII.