Say Hello To Nikon's New Flagship DSLR, The D4s

Nikon officially unveiled the D4s today, after weeks of rumors and speculation about the specs and capabilities of Nikon's new flagship DSLR. Now, we actually have the official...
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A Look Inside National Geographic's Photo Archive with Archivist Bill Bonner

National Geographic's vintage archivist, Bill Bonner, is responsible for almost eight million graphic images. In order to spend day in and day out managing illustrations,...

Canon May Drop Cheap Compact Cameras, Increase Focus on DSLR Market

The writing has been on the wall for compact cameras for a while now, and it seems inevitable that their days are numbered. It came out earlier today that Canon is seriously...

BTS Video Of A First Class Pre-Wedding Shoot: 'Released By Love'

David Quarrie and Vivida create some of the most beautiful and prodigious wedding and pre-wedding shoots, and share the journey with us all. 'Released By Love' is their latest...

No Studio? No Problem! Part 1: Mobile Photography

Creative set ups for taking portraits without a dedicated studio space, using natural and artificial light. In part 1, I simply show you what I have in my mobile photography kit...

Letus Announces New AnamorphX-GP, Anamorphic Adapter For GoPro

The GoPro just gained another cool accessory today, as it was announced that Letus has developed a new Anamorphic Adapter specifically for GoPro cameras. The new adapter will...
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First Time at WPPI? Here are 5 Tips to Make it a Successful Experience

My first WPPI experience was in 2009. I had only been to Las Vegas one other time in my adult life and had no idea what to expect. I happened to procure a free ticket to the...

The Wedding of the Year: Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

My 3 year old son, Cole knows I'm a photographer and knows I shoot weddings. He really doesn't understand this or isn't the slightest bit interested in the photos I show him,...

Filming Florida: Drew Fulton's Journey in Filmmaking, Photography and Natural History

'Filming Florida' is a 3 year project with an aim to capture the beauty and diversity of Florida’s landscape and wildlife.

Moving Images Of A Nation Still Emerging From Soviet Control: 'I Am Georgia'

Georgia is two decades independent, after many under Soviet control. Dina Oganova photographs her home, a country emerging, with passion and delicacy.

Resize and Sharpen Your Images For The Web Using Photoshop Instead Of Lightroom

We have all had this problem at some point or another; you get this awesome portfolio quality shot, so you go and upload it online to your social media because you want your...
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Our Most Popular YouTube Video of the Week [Feb. 16-23]

This week's most popular video on our YouTube channel was (drum roll, please...)