Sony FE 24-70mm F/2.8 Incoming? Digital Camera Sales Improving?

Just about every Sony and wanna-be Sony shooter that I have talked to has expressed a desire for a 24-70mm F/2.8, and it appears that Sony may be gearing up to release one for use.

How One Photographer is Using 'Fake Weddings' To Market Her Business

Wedding photographer Callie Murray took the bridal show concept out of the horribly lit, trade show floor setting and gave it a creative twist.

Photoshop Tutorial | Secret Tip For Nailing White Balance With Ease

White balance is one of those things that you must conquer to get your photos to reflect what you see, but sometimes you don't have a grey card with you - for those times, this...

Sony FE Lens Rebates For Days!

It has been quite a week, with the Sony A7R II being released into the wild, and plenty of rumor rumblings to keep your mouth's watering. But, now it's time for some deals!

Twirls: How To Do This Hot, New Photoshop Trend

I've always admired abstract art, but it wasn't possible for me to create it...that is, until now!

Is 500px’s New App A True High Resolution Instagram?

500px's new app is a lot like Instagram, and better in some important ways. The problem is, can you see these upsides being worth dedication to it?

A6100 Specs and Image Leak, More 1DX Mk II Rumors

A6100 Specs and Image Leak, More 1DX Mk II Rumors, & Nikon Financial Report Released in today's rumor roundup.

Seed | A Trippy, CGI, Free Project To Try Out New Techniques

In an effort to try some new ideas and techniques, Aixsponza created the following video, Seed, a crazy computer-generated 3.5-minute visual delight.

The Difference Between Opacity & Flow In Photoshop

Knowing how and when to manipulate Flow & Opacity will increase your skill and results in Photoshop more than almost anything else.

Friday Funny: What's Your Photographer Name?

It's Friday and we're a bit bored here at the office. So, we created this infographic.

3 Reasons To Shoot Film In A Digital Age | Interview With Caroline Tran Part III

In this interview, Caroline gives us three reasons on why she prefers to shoot on film rather than digital.

Lexar Memory Cards & Pocket Wizard Savings

This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about.