Surprise Wedding Reenactment For Couple Stood Up By Photographer

Minutes before walking down the aisle, Heather found out her wedding photographer was a no-show. When another photographer heard about their plight, she set up a surprise photo...
Workflow Tips in Lightroom

Lightroom Workflow Tips to Speed Up Editing for Wedding Photographers

In this article, we show how we can apply the principles of the assembly line to your own Adobe Lightroom workflow to speed it up and become much more productive.

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Could Speeding Up Lightroom Really Be This Easy?! (No Hardware Purchase Required)

Lightroom is a brilliant tool, and most of us rely on it and love it. We hate, however, how much is can slow down a workflow. Here's something to try which might actually give...

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Today, we talk about some rumors regarding Canon's 120MP sensor, Interfit's new affordable Profoto B1 alternative S1 strobes, and the camera tech in the new One Plus X.

The Secrets of Successful Photography Kickstarter Campaigns

Crowdfunding has made a mark in the photography industry with many, many photographers seeking backers for their photography projects. Here are three companies I spoke with...

Chase Jarvis RAW | 6 Morning Habits Of Successful Photographers

Creatives often lack routine entirely, but having them, especially in the morning can be your force multiplier for success.

How Does a Camera Work? | Photography 101

If you're a beginner to photography, it is important for you to have a technical understanding of your gear as it will help you set up the essential foundations you need to...

Canon Profits Free Fall, and Fuji X-Pro 2 Rumors {Daily Roundup}

Today we discuss Canon's huge 21% profit drop, Canon FF mirrorless rumors, Fuji's X-Pro 2 rumors, and another Canon sensor business rumor.

Basic Tripod Tips & Tricks For Beginner Photographers | Mark Wallace

Adorama released a video featuring world traveler, Mark Wallace, who shares with us some basic tips on using a tripod.

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DxO One | Initial Thoughts On The Tiny & Disruptive Powerhouse

Little, sleek, and powerful. The DxO One brings manual controls with an f/1.8 32mm equivalent lens, paired with a 1 inch CMOS and 20 MP to the palm of your hand, and extends its...