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9 Epic Groomsmen Poses

Bridal party photos are always a great place for your couples' personality to shine on their wedding day. One of the best ways to please your clients is to really help capture...

Shooting Film Is The Last Word In Meditation | 'The Sound Of Film'

So strange how a 1 minute film can conjure up so many feelings, and when it's about film, they're good ones.

The One Absolutely Essential Thing You Should Be Doing Inside Lightroom

When importing your images into Lightroom, one of the most important things to do is to ensure that all of your metadata is applied during your import.

Two Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Be Using Inside of Lightroom

One of the greatest ways to be the most productive and efficient in Lightroom is taking advantage of all their incredibly time-saving shortcuts. In this quick tutorial, I will...

A Vintage 105 Year Old Lens & A Sony A7II | Weird Lens Challenge

The first episode of The Weird Lens Challenge pairs a century old lens with the darling of the mirrorless world, and produces beautiful images and hopefully a fountain of...
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What It Really Means To Fight For Success | A Moment With Jaleel King

At 8 years old, photographer Jaleel King was shot and paralyzed. I spoke to him at PhotoPlus Expo and learned about how he overcomes adversity and fights for success.

Surprise Wedding Reenactment For Couple Stood Up By Photographer

Minutes before walking down the aisle, Heather found out her wedding photographer was a no-show. When another photographer heard about their plight, she set up a surprise photo...

How Does a Camera Work? | Photography 101

If you're a beginner to photography, it is important for you to have a technical understanding of your gear as it will help you set up the essential foundations you need to...
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Creating Stylish Silhouette’s With A GOBO and Fog | Lighting 201

Actually, it's Backlight + GOBO + Fog = Magically awesome deliciousness, and in this tutorial we’ll be combining several techniques we’ve spoken about previously to show you...

From WWII To Corporate Cover Ups - The Iconic Photographs of William E. Smith

William Eugene Smith is one of the greatest photographers that ever lived. The magnitude of work he produced can only be exceeded by its significance, wonder and beauty.

Understanding The 3 Primary Metering Modes | Photography 101

Spot Metering, Matrix Metering, 18% Grey, do any of these words mean anything to you? If not, then this article will teach you everything you need to know!

Using Fog and Light Control to Create Stylish Images | Lighting 201

There's something about practical effects that is so much more satisfying than digital ones. The lack of practical effects was one of my biggest complaints when watching the...