Discover Icelandic Beauty in These Whimsical Photomontages

Photographer Tom Chambers decided that the Icelandic backdrops would be perfect for his photomontages and so made a trip to see for himself this magical land

The Red List | Inspiration & Study Material From The Best Photographers

Analyzing the work of the greats helps us see things differently and have confidence to develop our own voice and vision. The Red List is a brilliant source of inspiration.

How & Why To Never Look At Another's Photo And Say 'I Could Do that'

This single phrase and mentality is one of the most destructive in photography and our field is rife with it. This may be one of the best concise views/reads to understand why...

Tips on Shooting Interesting Industrial Portraits | The Slanted Lens

In the following video tutorial, Jay P. set about to make an industrial portrait that looked interesting and inviting.
Erik Almas - Trondheim Torg Shopping Mall Campaign

Marketing & Branding Advice From Erik Almas

Do you create great work? Good for you, so does a sea of other photographers. How do you get the clients? This advice should give you an idea

Overcoming Fear & Selling Your Photography | Interview With Sue Bryce Part II

In this part two video, Sue Bryce shares with us her amazing insight and wisdom on how to master yourself, and also build a successful photography business.

Clay Cook Workshops 2015 Reviewed

I was ecstatic when I learned that Clay Cook would be coming to Portland, Oregon as part of his 2015 West Coast Workshops tour.

Capture Candid Moments

Candid Moments In this video and article, I want to talk about capturing the moment. What I mean by "capturing the moment" is capturing those finite moments that only last a...

Then and Now | 19 Professional Photographers Share Their Beginnings

I asked each of my peers to show some of their earliest work promising I would do the same. These are literally our first attempts at creating a "professional" image.

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In part one of this interview, Sue shares her story and her process of failure, success, redemption, and how she became the photographer she is today.

Boudoir Photography | Lighting a Fine Art Boudoir Scene

The first scene of any photo shoot is always the most challenging because it's understanding what the goals and challenges are, and discovering what works. In this article, I...

Twirls: How To Do This Hot, New Photoshop Trend

I've always admired abstract art, but it wasn't possible for me to create it...that is, until now!