Everyone falls into slumps when it comes to their passions and careers. Sure, we love photography, but when doing it day after day after day, it can be easy to get burnt out. That’s when it might be time to look at your passion from a different perspective.

That’s exactly what photographer, Andriy Koval did when he found he was losing interest in what he used to love the most.

A Fresh Perspective on Toronto

It had been almost a year since Koval went out to take some pictures—something he loved to do—but found that he just couldn’t see anything through his lens anymore. Something was wrong, not literally, but figuratively.

“I tried a lot of things, but every time, I would end up taking some cheesy photos that I didn’t like and never even transferred them to my computer,” Koval says.

Getting burnt out can be tough, and tends to leave us with this feeling of shame that we may not be as good or as passionate as we originally thought. But, Koval was determined to respark the flame, and he ended up making an amazing discovery. “Some time ago I found a huge collection of old photos of Toronto and came up with an idea (I know that people have done that in the past) of creating a collection of before/afters – and so #OldNewTO was born.”

#OldNewTO has become a passion project for Koval. He treats it like sotrt of a game.  He gets to walk around the city he loves, Toronto, finding places from old photos and matching them as close as possible. He says in a Reddit post “And the best part about this – I’m not just taking photos of before/afters for this collection, while walking around the city I found a lot of great places and took some interesting photos. It also helped me have a new look on this city and learn lots of streets’ names.”

It can be so refreshing when we take our passions and careers and look at them through a new lens, so to speak. There are so many different methods of getting over creative blocks, and this is just one of them.

To see more of Koval’s amazing work, check out his Instagram for more of these amazing before and after shots. Sometimes all it takes is a little repositioning on the things we really love.

*Story and images shared with permission by the creator