Muslin Backdrops for Artistic Portraiture: Silverlake Backdrop Review

I've got a few backdrop ideas to cycle through which I'll be sharing here as I try them out, but the first one in the experiment was the painted muslin backdrop.

Surreal Photography By Oleg Oprisco Will Make Life Seem Like A Dream

Soft-muted pastel tones intertwined with surrealist imagery cover the photos of 26 year-old Ukraine based photographer Oleg Oprisco.
Stephen Perry -1

{Be Inspired} Stephen Perry: Beauty & Fashion Photographer

Keeping our creative mind alert and sharp is one of those unique challenges for all of us. This week we chat with Stephen Perry to see how he stays inspired.
Kubota-2 shot light trick final

The 2 Minute Two-Shot Disappearing Light Trick by Kevin Kubota

Have you ever wanted to bathe your subject in soft, shapely light – achievable only via your handy-dandy portable soft box, but you also want to shoot the image with a wide...

Fictitious Dishes: An Album of Literature’s Most Memorable Meals | Dinah Fried

Are you hungry for classic literature? See some of the most iconic meals from the most iconic books of all time.

The Real Story Behind The Windows XP Wallpaper We'll Never Forget

That picture of the rolling hill and stunning blue skies, recognize it? Of course you do. It's pure “Bliss,” the iconic stock photo that came with every Windows XP...

The Best Business Advice I Can Offer You

There's a hundredweight of material on photo-business optimization. But if you ever were to sit with me & ask my advice, this is what I would tell you.

How to Make a Great Promo Video for Your Photography Business

Promos are a great way to convey the full experience you bring to the table. To find out what it takes to create an effective promo video for your photography business, we spoke...

Queen of Glamour Portraiture Sue Bryce Recreates Iconic Hollywood Images

Natural light photographer, Sue Bryce recreates iconic Hollywood images using famous female photographers to learn about studio lighting.

Behind the Scenes with Adobe and Benjamin Von Wong's Creative Voices Shoot

Go behind the scenes with Benjamin Von Wong for his shoot with Adobe.

A Soothing Firefly Time Lapse To Usher In Spring & Summer

Let Missouri-base photographer Vincent Brady bring in your spring and summer with his soothing time lapse of fireflies
USA American soccer fan face paint from USA photo by Monte Isom

The Making of High Energy Portraits of World Cup Soccer Fans | Monte Isom

Go behind the scenes with Monte Isom as he makes high energy portraits of World Cup soccer fans.