The only thing better than handing over a quality photo album or a set of prints to your clients is presenting your print products in a dedicated, beautifully designed box. Print upgrades, specifically box sets for albums and prints, create a win-win situation for photographers and clients alike. Offering photo albums with boxes and prints with boxes makes for an easy upsell to boost revenue, and clients get added protection for their photos, not to mention the box’s visual appeal. In addition, the box sets are customizable, easy to order, and affordable. In this article, we’ll explore different options for ordering photo albums with boxes and prints with boxes from Zno, one of our favorite print labs, to further show why it’s worth adding these upgrades to your list of offerings.

Let’s get started.

Professional Photo Albums With Boxes And Prints With Boxes

image box album set and print set combo
Image Box Album Set (Left) and Image Box Prints/USB Set (Right) from Zno

Of all the available album upgrade options, one of our favorites doesn’t actually involve the album so much as where it lives. Boxes quickly add an elegant touch to any photo album or set of prints, and the extra layer of protection also gives clients added peace of mind.

Are Box Set Albums and Prints Different from Other Albums and Prints?

When offering an “album set” or “print set,” it’s important to note that the set will include the same album or prints that the client would normally get. The only difference is that in a set, the album includes a box. So, if a client purchases one of the six album set or seven print set options from Zno that we’ll explore below, they’d get the same album or prints, regardless of whether or not they bundle them with a box. Adding a “box set” option is for convenience, which is an important part of the client experience.

It’s also worth noting that some boxes are only available as part of a set. Boxes with two compartments that hold a USB and either an album or prints are only available in sets.

The Benefit of Album Sets And Print Sets For Professional Photographers

zno photo album upgrades presentation box for photo album

We mentioned this briefly in the introduction, but album sets and print sets benefit professional photographers and their clients in several ways. Let’s take a closer look at a few key benefits below.

  • Protection: Keeping albums and prints in a specialized box will minimize the normal wear and tear that can happen over time. This is especially true for prints that aren’t included as part of an album or kept in a frame. Without a dedicated box, their chance of survival greatly decreases, even when the photos are quality prints to begin with. They can get lost or damaged when left out or crammed into random spots. This holds doubly true for clients who purchase a USB as well as an album or prints. Storing everything together in a dedicated box eliminates most of these issues.
  • Visual Appeal: A professional-grade box adds an instant wow factor to albums and print sets. It takes the notion of a slipcase to the next level and elevates the overall presentation. The boxes are as functional as they are visually appealing, and they come in a wide range of sizes to fit virtually any album. You can learn more about how customizable they are in this article on photo album upgrades.
  • Additional Revenue: While the added cost isn’t significant for a client, photographers can enjoy a boost in revenue when sales for photo albums with boxes and prints with boxes add up over multiple clients. It’s an easy upsell as well, since clients will already be inclined to want to keep their images safe.

Photo Albums With Boxes

6 album box set options

Zno offers a variety of professional quality album box sets. Here’s a list of options you can expect to find when ordering photo albums with boxes, followed by a few highlights of our favorite album options.

  • Presentation Box Album Set: The presentation box album set includes an album and a clamshell box with a host of material options from which to choose. Debossing can be added to the lid as well. These boxes are a common go-to for clients who want to match the material of their album and box.
  • Presentation Box Album USB Set: This USB & box combo includes an album, metal and glass usb or other usb type, and a clamshell box with many material options available. Like the previous option, debossing can be added to the lid.
  • Image Box Album Set: This option includes an album plus an image wrap box, in which the design literally wraps around the box.
  • Image Box Album USB Set: Like the name suggests, this option is similar to the option above, but it also includes a USB.
  • Design Box Album Set: With this option, you’ll get an album plus a two-piece box with the choice of a cameo window or debossing on the lid for a bit of extra flair.
  • Gift Box Album Set: The gift box album set includes an album as well as a classic, well-built, boutique fashioned box. It makes a great choice for more budget-minded clients.

Flush Mount Albums With Boxes

flush mount album 1

One of the most popular professional photo albums that clients in our studio choose would have to be the Flush Mount Album, which as I mentioned is also available with a box. This album style from Zno includes a rigid core, layflat pages, Silver Halide printing (the “gold standard” of the printing industry) and flush mounting. Where it differs from other options is in its core thickness (thicker) and various cover options.

Fine Art Albums With Boxes

fine art album box set

The Fine Art Album represents another solid option for pairing with a box. Where the Fine Art Album varies from the Flush Mount Album is the paper, and the Fine Art Album uses Giclée printing instead of Silver Halide printing.

Layflat Photo Books With Boxes

layflat photo book 1

And, for one last look at our favorite box set albums, we turn our attention to the Layflat Photo Book. The main differences between this option and the others we’ve highlighted are thinner page thickness, different paper types, and cover options. Still, the options are many, and chances are your client will find all the details they’ll need to create the perfect photo book. These books hold their own when purchased alone, but they look even better as part of a box set.

Prints With Boxes

7 print box set options

Here’s a quick overview of options you can expect to find when ordering prints with boxes.

  • Folio Box Prints Set: This set includes your chosen type of prints plus a linen folio box, and the lid includes an option for debossing. This option works well for clients who like cameos or embellishments.
  • Folio Box Prints USB Set: This is just like the set above, but with the addition of a USB.
  • Image Box Prints Set: Select the prints of your choice, which will then go into an image wrap box.
  • Image Box Prints USB Set: This is the same as above with the addition of a USB.
  • Wood Box Prints Set: This set includes prints of your choice in a wooden box that can have engraving or printing on the lid.
  • Wood Box Prints USB Set: In addition to prints of your choice, this option includes a crystal or wood USB and a wooden box that can have engraving or printing on the sliding lid.
  • Gift Box Prints Set: Select the prints of your choice and then house them in a matching, budget friendly, boutique fashioned box.

It’s worth noting that Zno doesn’t offer Photographic Prints or Fine Art Prints in the sets.

Photo Prints With Boxes

Zno standard photo print box set

Sometimes, as cliche as it is to say this, less is more. Such is the case in regards to ordering standard prints from quality print labs. Zno’s standard photo prints, for example, include color matching by trained technicians to offer precise “true-to-file finished-prints.” Standard photo prints are silver halide and are only available in a Glossy or Matte finish. Whichever option you choose, these photo prints look great in boxes.

Matted Prints With Boxes

matted print 1

Matted Prints from Zno are something to behold on their own, let alone as part of a box set. These prints come fully assembled with thick archival museum-grade mats. Furthermore, they do not require the print to be slipped-in. You can choose from a variety of paper and printing options, which include Silver-Halide photographic prints or 12-color ultra high resolution fine art Giclée prints.

It’s Easy to Order Album and Print Sets with Zno’s Album Designer

We’ve touted convenience as a qualifying factor for ordering album sets and print sets through Zno for a reason. If you’ve used different labs and designers before, you’ll quickly notice that a key advantage of using Zno’s album designer over other album/print set ordering experiences is that all of the project pieces (album, box, USB, etc.) are all easily accessible during the ordering process. This is not the case with other labs and services. In fact, sometimes, you’ll need to go through three different ordering processes. This applies to both the album sets and the print sets.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this point is to show you how neatly Zno has organized the tabs for ordering box sets through Zno Designer. See the images below.

zno photo album with box set designer example 01
Album set ordering tabs
zno photo print with box set designer example 02
Print set ordering tabs

And as always, you can easily upload photos to your Album Set or Print Set in Zno Designer from Zno’s online client photo gallery.

Zno Review Conclusion

We hope you found this overview of ways to boost your print sales and client experience with album box sets and print box sets helpful. Zno offers a wide variety of box set options for both albums and prints, and the simple ordering process and impressive final product makes pursuing this design and sales option more than worthwhile.