BookMe, the contactless booking and calendaring solution created by Zenfolio has played a pivotal role in assisting photographers weather the COVID-19 storm with many photographers exponentially increasing their revenues during a very challenging year.

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Since launching in May 2020, BookMe has brought in nearly $1,000,000 in revenue for photographers who have expressed its doubled and tripled their booking revenues.

The pandemic has forced photographers to be far more flexible which has led to a 50/50 split between on-location and studio sessions. With the world moving towards contactless interactions, photographers have had to adopt a new approach to their businesses. With very few booking and calendaring options targeted to photographer’s specific needs, BookMe is perfectly positioned to help the photographer to capitalize on this lucrative $9 billion dollar photography industry.

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BookMe boasts an extensive range of features…

  • Clients can access BookMe on their chosen photographer’s website and get all the information they need to make the booking themselves. It allows them to select a shoot type, pick a location, set a date, as well as make payment.
  • Photographers are able to take bookings 24 hours a day and manage them all in one place. They can create custom photo sessions and print packages, with prices and payment terms and it syncs with the photographer’s Google Calendar – allowing clients to see photographers’ availability in real-time, preventing scheduling conflicts.
  • It simplifies the photographer’s workflow by saving hours of work each week and fills their calendars instantly with new clients.
  • It also offers mini-sessions and flexible invoicing to help maximize shoot times while staying on track with payments and appointments. The customizable BookMe button can be added to any website.

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Wedding Photographer Amanda Deyo managed to triple her client bookings in less than a month.

“BookMe has been a game-changer for me,” she shares. “It is rare to find a website that offers client galleries, sales tools as well as a client booking and scheduling solution that takes payments all in one. Not only have I managed to increase my bookings and revenue, I have gained extra hours of free time which can now be spent focusing on other areas of my business.”

While we’ve not tested this service out ourselves yet at SLR Lounge, the service is familiar and welcome as most other CRM and booking tools out there. I’d love to hear some feedback from any current Zenfolio users who’ve tested out the BookMe platform vs some others on the market like Tave, Bloom, Sprout, and other CRM tools. Let us know what you liked/didn’t like from them all in the comments below.