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Gear & Apps Canon Rumored to be Working on 100MP Mirrorless with IBIS
By Jay Henington on January 23, 2019
Canon is rumored to be developing a 100MP mirrorless sequel to the Canon EOS R with IBIS (in body image stabilization).

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Gear & Apps Gear News | The Hottest New Products At PhotoPlus Expo 2018
By Holly Roa on November 6, 2018
Another PhotoPlus Expo has come and gone, and this year has been a big one for gear...
News & Insight Instagram Launches IGTV | Life After YouTube? Eyeballs & Dollars
By Kishore Sawh on June 21, 2018
Disgruntled YouTuber? Maybe IGTV is your next bet.
News & Insight Cortex Camera App Review | One Of The Best Photography Apps, Period
By Kishore Sawh on June 12, 2018
With the arrival of many other great apps, Cortex still stands apart.
News & Insight ‘Technical Camera’ | A New Camera App For Dedicated-Camera Users
By Kishore Sawh on June 12, 2018
Technical Camera is looking to be the go-to phone app for users like you
News & Insight Transfer Style Of One Image To Another Like A Practical PRISMA App With New Adobe Research
By Kishore Sawh on March 30, 2017
We’re getting to a point where neural networks, deep learning computer systems and...
Gear & Apps App Review: RNI Films | Simple, Smart & Streamlined
By Bing Putney on March 9, 2017
There is no shortage of film simulation apps for smartphones. Though Instagram may have...
Photography News PICSPOTR | Free On-The-Go Studio Management System
By Holly Roa on February 27, 2017
Working photographers can have a flood of business-related data bombarding them, but...
News & Insight Filmic Pro to Release Log Video Profile | Looks Like The Next Great Step For Mobile Video
By Bing Putney on January 13, 2017
Filmic Pro is an app that has aimed to bring added customization and features geared...
News & Insight Duet Update | The Dual Monitor App King Brings Touch Bar Support For Any Mac Only $9.99
By Holly Roa on December 21, 2016
Duet isn’t a new iPad app and it’s been written about on SLR Lounge before, but...
Gear & Apps VSCO Launches Invite-Only Subscription Membership & Full iOS RAW Support
By Shivani Reddy on December 10, 2016
VSCO introduces RAW processing and subscription membership packed with popular film...