Moment has launched a new ‘Retro’ mobile app loaded with their own custom “Film Stocks” for users to emulate some vintage and classic film looks on their images.  Why this release is a big deal? According to the Moment team, “Film photography (especially instant) is exploding in popularity. and while you can shoot with vintage apps that apply filters to your photos, no one was able to recreate what an instant camera does, until now.”
We’re calling it Film Stocks. more than a filter, we’re able to emulate instant film in real-time. not only is every photo unique but through the viewfinder, you can see what your photo is going to look like, control the intensity of the generated effect, and then snap a photo.

RTRO instantfilm 1

Read the full Press Release from Moment below;

We created something new…we’re calling them Film Stocks. Powered by our new Analog Effects Engine, every photo you capture will be unique…just like your favorite instant camera.

Now available in RTRO+

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How Every Photo Is Unique

In bringing the first Instant Film to iPhone, worked with Casey Warren(@_caseywarren) to study some of his favorite instant film. Especially how some of the chemical effects were created as part of the film’s development process that makes each photo unique. Instead of emulating these effects by scanning old film or hand-designing an overlay to go on top of existing photos (like most apps), we generate this emulation in the viewfinder in real-time. Therefore you can see what your photo is going to look like and actually control the intensity of the generated effect before you take the shot.

RTRO TimeZero Example 1

Why Our Analog Effects Engine Is Unique

The Analog Effects Engine is a new system we created that allows us to create generative photo effects. Instead of designing each effect by hand, the Analog Effects Engine allows us to describe how we want effects to look, elements we like and dislike, and then will generate unique effects based on that. Because each effect is generated based on dozens of variables, you will always get something that feels new.

RTRO instantfilm 2

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Sample Images Created with RTRO Camera

While I’ve seen apps like this around since the beginning of the smartphone era, having tested it for a little bit I feel like this one is a little more refined and easy to use than the others I’ve reviewed and used in my own personal creative journies. If nothing else it’s definitely something fun to play with over the holidays this year! Be sure to download the app and let us know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to share some of your creations!

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