It’s rare to find something in the camera bag sphere that stands out because of how much companies focus on the technical or functional aspects of carrying gear. I’ve tried several bags in the past that offer great carrying capacity and structure but honestly feel like I am carrying a boulder on my back. The Brevite Runner Photo Bag is a refreshing break from the monotone world of camera backpacks and offers a compact solution for photographers on-the-go.

Pros & Notable Features

  • Magnetic security latch – makes the bag super secure
  • Quick access pocket on the side and front
  • Passport, laptop + hidden pockets for all your valuables
  • Compact size for travel

You can tell a great deal of thought went into figuring out how to make each part of this bag functional for the working photographer. When first analyzing the bag and figuring out where I can put what, I was almost overwhelmed with the possibilities of what I could hold. There are also so many access points to get into the bag and grab your camera or laptop with ease. It also has a padded interior that protects against substantial movement of gear within the bag and helps prevent any damage that could occur from banging against surfaces. This padding doesn’t make the bag feel heavier which I have found hard to come by with bags of this size and functionality.

2 brevite runner bag review

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The bag comes in 10 colorways which aren’t something we typically see with camera bags for professionals. While this may seem frivolous to others, I find this pretty ingenious and want to give props to the Brevite marketing/development team for this decision. This makes this product more of a transitional bag between professional and leisure which is lacking in a lot of design from competitors. Whether or not the brighter colors catch your eye, it’s very on-trend with popular leisure backpack companies like Fjallraven and Herschel products which aren’t viable options because of the lack of structure and integrity a photographer is looking for. It’s also rare to find something this durable at this price point, which is likely my favorite part of the bag as a whole. It provides so much value for the price you are paying.

Cons & Things I Would Change

  • Structure & gear compartments could use reinforcement
  • Fits a finite amount of gear
  • Edges of bag hood stick out a bit when closed
  • Lots of access points, lacks a bit of security

Since this bag was made with the intention to create a convenient travel bag, the first place my mind goes to when considering if it would work well for travel is safety and security. I mentioned there are many access points earlier as a pro but this also comes across as a con to me because of how pickpocketers work.

3 brevite runner bag reviewWhile the main magnetic latch is incredibly secure, the zipper pouch behind the front accessory pouch makes me a little worried about how simple it can be to grab the gear and go. This could be my paranoia of watching way too many pickpocketing horror stories on YouTube, but it is something to be aware of. For this reason, and many others, I usually wear my backpack in front of me while traveling (like a kangaroo pouch, as demonstrated above) to prevent this.  I do wish it came with a few more section separators but they are available for purchase.

Who is This Bag Meant For?

4 brevite runner bag reviewDue to its size, the Brevite Runner Photo Bag does create some limitations in terms of who can use this bag. I managed to fit a Canon 5D Mark IV, a 50mm prime lens, a 70-200mm, my iPad mini, and small accessories (wallet, keys, headphones, phone, etc.) without any issue and still had room for at least 1-2 lenses depending on size and a 13″-15″ laptop. What that means to me is that this bag was conceptualized and meant for travelers that needed to be more selective and choose 2-3 lenses they wanted to bring. This obviously can fluctuate depending on the size of your lenses and body (mirrorless systems have smaller builds) but it can start to add up in weight regardless of what camera you have. If you’re in need of a great travel backpack that comes in the non-traditional colorways we see of most camera bags, you finally have a solid choice.

brevite runner bag

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The small details that went into the actual aesthetics and functionality of the bag really do lend itself to being the perfect travel photography camera gear bag. For example. the tripod strap at the bottom of the bag, a suitcase strap so you can put it on top of a roller bag. and the water bottle pouch on the side all make it a strong candidate for travel and make it secure to travel with gear.

At this price point, it would be hard to find a competitor that offers the same value and aesthetic quality that this bag does. I can’t wait to travel with this bag truly and put it to the test in a long-term sense but it definitely has promise and packs quite a bit for the size. You can purchase the Brevite Runner Photo Bag on their website and it is currently on sale for Black Friday!



  • Unique Color Options & Aesthetics
  • Compact & Durable
  • Spacious & Functional
  • Easy Access to Gear


  • Lacks a Bit of Security with Zipper Pouches
  • Needs Refinement on Design of Hood
  • Needs a few more Section Dividers
Structure & Design