We all have something to improve on, whether you want to admit it or not. Part of being an artist in this field is adopting a sponge-like absorbency of information in order to reach new heights in your photography career.

Ultimate-bundles.com has created a Photography Strength Assessment which navigates you through a series of questions about your comfortability with lighting, posing, shooting, and even workflow efficiency. The goal is to try and single out your weaknesses so that you can figure out which areas you need to be spending more time focusing on.

Many of us struggle with development simply because we lack motivation or get too lazy to take a bigger step to grow our business. The fear of the unknown will always be present, so there is no right time to conquer your fears nor is there a right time to sit down and learn. Focus on always learning something new, being a student of the unknown rather than a prisoner, and if you haven’t already check out SLR Lounge Premium to see what you’ve been missing out on!

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So, whether it’s technical know-how or business sense, this assessment might help unleash those inner demons. At the end you’ll get an overall score that will reveal your status as a photographer as well as a numerical value based on the ratings you’ve selected. Now, maybe you don’t buy into having your worth determined by a number, but they do a great job in categorizing your objectives based on your responses.

Take the assessment here and see which areas you need to improve upon. At the end of the test you’ll see an option to scroll and gain access to Ultimate-Bundles’ set of FREE webinars coming up that are sure to apply to some of your strengths & weaknesses.