This is the kind of exciting new product that we like to see here at SLR Lounge! Instead of just blatantly copying what everybody else is doing, sometimes we get truly unique, affordable, and useful products from companies like TTartisan.

TTartisan just released an incredibly affordable 35mm f/1.4 Manual Lens for APS-C & MFT systems, with a price point of only $73 USD!

We don’t have a lot of information on this cute little lens yet, but if you’re in the market for a fast prime yet not ready to invest in something more name-brand-priced, this could be a great way for you to test the waters of shallow DOF and beautiful bokeh, even without an expensive full-frame camera…


TTArtisans Manual 35mm f1.4[Related Reading: Inexpensive Trick to help You Nail Focus on Manual Cameras]

Key Features & Technical Specifications

  • Brand – TTartisan
  • Compatible Mountings – Fujifilm X
  • Max Focal Length – 35 Millimeters
  • Focus Type – Manual Focus
  • Max Aperture – 1.4 f
  • Retro exquisite design, 180g weighs only, compact and portable.
  • Use the same style multiple thread which used in high-end lenses
  • F1.4 large aperture, strong background blur ability, highlight the subject, it is helpful to reduce the noise of the picture and improve the picture quality when shooting at night
  • The perspective close to the human eye which makes the works more full of life smell
  • 0.28m minimum focusing distance, showing more details
  • Price – $73 – Amazon

At first glance, it appears the TTartisan is probably using some relatively classic, simple optical formula, one that delivers impressive sharpness, and based on the samples we’ve seen from the PhotoRumors Flickr page,  gorgeous bokeh, too. (It’s a really nice touch to see the optical formula itself drawn/etched right on the top of the lens!)

Also, unlike so many of the knock-off or “fake/copy” products we see popping up, this thing looks like it’s made quite sturdily, out of metal, so despite its very budget-friendly price, it might last a long time for any users who take decent care of it.

Considering the extremely low price and diminutive size, in our opinion this looks like a perfect lens to pick up and just toss in your camera bag for some creative shots, even if manual focus primes or ultra-shallow DOF are not your usual creative style. (Most f/1.4 primes cost many hundreds of dollars, and some cost well over a thousand dollars!)

So, if you’re a photographer who just recently purchased a Fuji X-mount camera, or a Sony E-mount APS-C,  a Canon EF-M, or any Micro Four Thirds camera, but you haven’t thought about getting an f/1.4 prime yet because of the price, this could be your chance!