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With great form and several eye-catching functions, this may just be the affordable, compact travel/vlogging/portrait camera you've been looking for.
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Fujifilm has just announced the latest model to join the X Series, known for superior image quality delivered with the company’s proprietary...
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While a lot of the photography industry was busy losing their minds over the latest full-frame mirrorless releases from Canon and Nikon, Fujifilm...
Gear & Apps
Hot on the heels of Canon’s major EOS R mirrorless full frame announcement, and Nikon’s Z series cameras just before that, is the announcement...
Gear & Apps
Fuji’s putting big things in small packages in their newly announced 24.2MP, fixed lens compact camera, the XF10. Available in black and gold,...
Gear & Apps
Fujifilm is filling a gap in their line-up.
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