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The Knot Releases Wedding Statistics | Average Spent On Photographers Hits 5 Year High

By Kishore Sawh on March 13th 2015


In case you missed it, the American economy is doing quite well with our dollar – just about toe to toe with the ever-weakening Euro. Now, a strong dollar is like a tax against American exports and a subsidy for American imports. That may be a bit concerning, but what it also means is that people have a bit more buying power, and clearly have been spending it on their weddings. According to XOGroup’s wedding website,, the average cost of a wedding has just hit a five year high reaching $31,213 for 2014.

This is actually the highest spending per head that the company has seen since it began the survey in 2007. It’s worth noting too that the average guest list shrank to the lowest on their record at 136.

So, in a post 2008 world, as the American consumer and general market is finding more secure economic and financial footing, that spending seems to directly correlate to dollars spent on weddings all over the country, and of course that also means on wedding photography. Of the 16,000 couples surveyed, what was the average spending on a wedding photographer? $2,556, up about 4.7% from the previous year’s $2,440.


TheKnot does make a distinction between photographer and videographer, however, with $1,794 on average spent on videography. Those of you whose services cover both can imagine an average spend on photographic and videographic services of $4,350, or about 14% of the wedding budget.

There’s a large list of what couples are spending on specifics for their wedding and photography comes in at number 3 for the third largest expense, with venue and reception band taking the top spots.

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Of course, there are variables to be considered, and location is one of them. So before you think about moving shop to one of the less thrifty cities, consider that even Manhattan, the priciest average place to be married with an average cost of $76,328, actually took a significant dip from previous years, and that is likely to also be reflected in what is paid for a photographer.

To see the full results of the survey, the budget breakdowns, and all the insights, head over here.

Do you have a wedding photographer business? What, if you’re willing to share, is your average price? Or have you noticed an upward trend, or are the numbers presented in keeping with what you’ve observed in your own business?

Source: TheKnot, Image Credit Lin & Jirsa Photography

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Didn’t want to see that my daughter is getting married next year.

    | |
  2. Rafael Orczy

    thanks for sharing. really interesting article

    | |
  3. Anna Johnson

    This is a great article, I’m sure the average changes based on location. My wedding Co. in San Diego, Ca. (Blessed Wedding Photography) is booking most of our brides between $2800-$4700 so the average you have above is close to where are starting average is here.

    | |
  4. Garrett Allen

    Very helpful! Its always hard to find a good accurate spread of pricing and keeps me from being to scared that everyone is reverting to “that photography friend” (uncle, cousin, ect.) only to be disappointed in the end.

    | |
  5. robert s

    groom attire $254
    brides dress $1357

    500% for an overpriced window curtain sewn to look like a dress.

    | |
  6. Graham Curran

    Would be interested to see how this compares with other countries.

    | |
    • Mihaela Edreva-Valkareva

      I can compare with the cost of my own wedding In Bulgaria (the poorest EU country). Total wedding 4500 euro, photographer – 350 euro, no album, we didn’t hire a videographer (average 450 euro ). That was in 2014. That same package our photographer sells now for 450 (his middle package). My wedding was an average wedding as costs, may be a bit cheaper, the average total would be about 5500 euro. I am just starting with wedding photography and my smallest package is 225 euro, the middle 275 and the large 350. People usually go for the large, so I will increase prices for 2016 wedding season, I just need a few more weddings under my belt to feel sure I deserve more.

      | |
  7. Pye

    Well, it’s nice to be out of the recession. Can’t imagine what this number was back in 2008 =(

    Kish do they have stats for back then?

    | |
  8. robert garfinkle

    My friend had a star wars wedding – the wedding party was storm troopers… the real deal – Since star wars, he and his friends were fascinated with creating replicas better than original costumes used for the movie – their movement got so huge (thanks to AOL’s social aspect) that many members around the world created groups / sites like this one –; Universal Studios has hired their group to do shows etc… a fun life huh…

    bottom line, had I had a camera back then… well, you know the drill –

    | |
  9. Vince Arredondo

    Interesting numbers…

    | |
  10. Rafael Steffen

    Thanks for sharing this great article to understand better where to price the wedding photography when you consider that it averages around 15% of the event total budget.

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