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About the Photographer

Today’s post is from David J. Crewe. David comes from the East Coast of Canada where he graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a Bachelors of Commerce and Certificate in Human Resource Management. With a career spanning multiple industries from Legal to Information Technology in both Canada and the United states, it took a chance encounter and encouragement from a friend to make the leap into Photography. Three years later, David now proudly resides in Chicago shooting Freelance and is part of the Phlearn Team striving to create a better art community through education and collaboration.

In the past few years, David has served as Chapter Vice Presidents of both the American Society of Media Photographers and the Professional Photographers of America, was a featured artist for RAW; Natural Born Artists, received 2 diplomas in Film making, and has won multiple awards for Photography including the American Photographic Artists People Choice, and the Victor Award for Outstanding Image of the Year from the PPA.

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The Film Noir Series by David J. Crewe

This whole shoot was the short turn around brainchild between myself and a few friends in San Diego for an APA charity event a while back. We dreamed up the concept, pulled in the team, shot, edited, and submitted the images in under 48 hours! Talk about intense and challenge and SO MUCH FUN!

I pulled in 2 of my friends for my male models, one worked for a suit company, the other was my stylist (both looking like they came straight from the 30s), and the “dame” was a friend of one of my assistants who, well, just look at her! She was perfect!

The St James hotel in San Diego donated a floor for us to work on and gave us rooftop access to create the images we wanted and did their best to keep looky-loos away while we were in progress. I’ve done a lot of shoots since this one, but it’s still by far my favorite. There’s no greater feeling than having a huge team with one cohesive goal in mind and everyone working together to tackle every challenge that gets thrown at you!

The end result from this is that 4 images were accepted in the charity event, and ALL of them placed/won including the People’s Choice award and the Victor Award for Outstanding Image of the Year!!! These even inspired an episode of Warehouse 13 on the SyFY network! Kind of a proud nerd moment for me!


Gear List

Nikon D800
Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VI DC II
2 – Alien Bee B800 Stobes (bare reflector/gridded)
2 – Nikon SB700 Speedlights

Several Reflectors, 3 Smoke Machines, and a whole bunch of assistants! (aka talking light stands)

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