With the inset of video on all the new cameras these days, who doesn’t shoot video? At least just for fun? And what’s a video without some slow motion effects? Sometimes slow motion just fits (see our Ice Bucket challenge video from a few months back as proof). Slow motion is an artistic element that can really add some fun and versatility into your videos and add to your narrative (when used correctly).



Slow motion is so popular these days, there’s even a slo-mo feature on your iPhone, though, in the following video, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens uses the $48-70,000 Phantom Miro LC320S to show us some basics on filming in slow motion.

In the 6 minute video, Jay P. covers the basic concept of shooting slo-mo, the camera settings needed and the lighting setup which took a bit of tweaking as they were shooting at 2000th of a second. Using two 2K’s for rim light on both sides of the camera and a 1K with diffusion on the left camera, they placed two reflectors in the front to bounce fill light on the subject and to keep the other lights from flaring.

Jay P. also talks about the process of shooting in slow motion and some of the difficulties in working with the Phantom. Though, I have to admit that watching old cameras and lenses get destroyed by hammers, water and eggs was a bit cringe worthy, seeing it all in slow motion was mesmerizing.


**The cameras and lenses were old, broken equipment from Jay P.’s collection
**At the very end, they show the one water balloon that didn’t break. The big read blob was my favorite to watch.

Watch  the ‘Basics of Shooting Slow Motion Video’

Thanks to The Slanted Lens for sharing this video tutorial with us. For more from Jay P., check out their website.