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Using A Fish Tank To Create Unique Still Life Photography | How I Shot It
News & Insight
This extremely complex shot was accomplished using some essential techniques which all photographers and retouchers should know. In this article,...
In some ways, still life photography is easier than that with living subjects – there are literally fewer moving parts, making it somewhat...
Which Is Better? Strobes Vs Speedlights For Product Photography
Gear & Apps
Choosing the correct light is essential for a product photographer. In this article, I discuss whether one can use the far far cheaper speedlight...
Gear & Apps
There comes a point when you need to elevate your photography beyond the norm. Knowing things like splash photography will help you to do this. Is...
Tips & Tricks
Having spent a couple months watching videos and creating photos, find out if I still think Photigy is a good investment. Is is the best place to...
How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. Today's 'How You Shot It' is a series of six photographs taken on one day, in...
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