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The Complete Posing Workshop

Be a director, not a photographer

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  • Flattering Poses For Men, Women & Groups
  • In-Depth Posing Analysis & Understand Body Language 
  • Elicit Genuine Emotions and Candid Moments
  • 8 Hours of HD Videos & Powerpoint Slides



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Stop Memorizing Poses. Start Directing Clients.

Posing is one of the most challenging subjects you will face as a portrait photographer. Memorization can only take you so far before you lose authenticity. A photographer might memorize poses, use example images or even posing cards to have the client repeat in front of the camera, but you still face the age old issue of poses looking too posed - that's where we come in. 

Words Every Client Will Say:

"We're awkward, but we want to be natural, fun, & romantic"

Your clients will pay you money because they want authentic images. Your goal is to create consistently incredible images for your clients by giving them directional cues to elicit genuine, authentic emotions. Having the framework and understanding will only get you so far, you need to interact & direct your clients to create magic. 

For example, the image on the left happened right after we told him to purr in her ear like a kitty cat, you know, just because.  

"Photographers are in Dire Trouble - Your Jobs are Being Outsourced to the Camera Itself"

Advancements in camera technology minimize the skills needed to operate a camera, but what will never replaced? YOU.
We will give you the tools you need to help hone your posing, directing, and communication skills to help you become a director and not just a photographer. 

"Hug Her Like It's Been 5 Years" 

We will give you 10 simple posing cues to use at any time to help develop a relationship with your clients and have more than just your photos be a memorable experience.

Understand Editorial group posing 

We're going to teach you how to create editorial group poses without worrying about struggling to handle large groups. Focus on connecting with your clients instead of stressing over posing with our simple to follow rules for connection and body placement. 

Minding the details makes all the difference

Did you know that you lose a couple of inches of height with a simple slouch? We get so caught up with the 'big picture' image and forget to focus on the small details of our poses. Learn the importance of posture, hand placement and why even a finger has the potential to ruin an image. 

"If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't"

You are able to look at an image and notice that something is off, but can you pinpoint why? Our in-depth analysis on posing nuances and body language will help you to recognize problems areas in your posing from head to toe. 

become a master of the nuances of posing & body language

Accentuate the Body & Curves

See how we went from straight and shapeless to curvy and confident with only a few minor adjustments to the body. This course is designed to help you understand the male and female body to  create flattering poses that show off them off in the right way. 

Set the Tone with the Pose

Take the time to get multiple expressions in one scene by being a director and not just a photographer. You'll learn why hand placement & body language play a significant role in both the posing and body language of your subjects. 


  • Introduction to The Complete Posing Workshop
  • Why Are We Here?
  • Words Every Client Will Say
  • Be The Director
  • Being Human
  • Presence And Charisma
  • Tone And Body Language
  • Four Tips on Communication And Ten Useful Cues
  • Our Favorite Reads
  • Lightning Overview Of Lighting For Portraiture
  • Focal Lengths And Angles


  • Men vs. Women - Posing Goals
  • The Five Foundation Poses For Couples
  • Foundation Posing Client Run Through
  • Foundation Posing Demonstration 


  • Posing Goals For Men
  • Male Client Run Through
  • Standing And Sitting Pose Demonstration For Men


  • Posing Goals For Women
  • Female Client Run Through
  • Standing And Sitting Pose Demonstration For Women


  • Roberto Valenzuela Three Point Check
  • Understanding The Spine
  • Open Stance vs. Closed Stance
  • Touch Points
  • Body Part Levels of Intimacy
  • Head Angles
  • Arms & Hands
  • Hip Spacing


  • Pose Mimicking
  • Eye-to-Eye Contact
  • The Nose & Jawline
  • Wardrobe And Spacing
  • Natural Pointers
  • Finger Tension And Soft Wrists
  • Perspective And Foreshortening
  • Too Much Overlap


  • Group Posing
  • Handling Large Groups


  • 15 Second Posing Challenge For Men
  • 15 Second Posing Challenge For Women
  • 20 Second Posing Challenge For Couples
  • 2 Minute Posing Challenge - Large Group Symmetry
  • 2 Minute Posing Challenge - Small Group Editorial
  • 2 Minute Posing Challenge - Large Group Editorial

Tiffany Liu
May 4, 2017

The best workshop slr lounge has ever made! This is better than any reference guide, posing cards, or other tutorials because it shows live demonstrations and shows you have to fix the small details that affect the image. 100% recommended for any wedding photographer.
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Q: What is the difference between this workshop and the posing content within the "Wedding Workshops?"

A: While the Wedding Workshops contain videos on posing, "The Complete Posing Workshop" goes further in-depth and teaches the small nuances of posing like body language, angles, and expressions.  We cover more posing cues to get genuine reactions from your models and clients; and we also include more "do's and don'ts," with analysis and student critique. In the posing workshop, you'll learn all about how to pose men, women, families and large groups all in one workshop.  This is a great supplementary course to the Wedding Workshops that will help you refine and perfect this challenging aspect of wedding and portrait photography.